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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cajun Football 2008: Let's Get This Party Started!

by CajunKate

So I waited until today to put up my Cajun home opener post because I thought it was a perfectly fitting way to celebrate the Prudhomme City Chronicle's one year anniversary...blogaversary... whatever. The very first post ever was about Ragin Cajun football. What better way to celebrate than with a Ragin Cajun football post? Well, I'll tell you. With a Ragin Cajun football post that actually involves them winning a game! Here we go:

The Cajuns finally had their first home game Saturday night which means the Krewe de Chew was kicking off the tailgating season, of course. The Cajuns were 0-2 heading into the game against the Kent State Golden Flashes, but we were all pretty optimistic since the Cajuns had given #22 Illinois a run for their money the weekend previous. Also, I knew there would be lots and lots of alcohol and food. That always eases my pain.

Alex and I ended up having to park on the other side of the universe and humping it with two folding chairs and the rolling cooler all the way to the Krewe site. As we neared the tent, we ran into BDaigle's best friend, Elliot, who is the proud papa of the most deliciously cute nine-month-old identical twins. I dare you to look at those two cutie patooties and not want to inhale them!

Elliot with his boys

Jack on the left and Noah on the right

Obviously, Jack was supposed to be MY baby. I mean, look how excited that baby is at the sight of cold beer! I think the stork took a wrong turn.

I also ran around taking other pictures.

Zandy gettin' his grub on

The Grand Chew just chillin'

Kent State athletic directors and Dad

Love it! Want it!
James, sporting a blond wig and resultant mullet

Ben doin' the Roosta Dance with hat, Delcambre Reeboks, and bag of chicken feed. He really took it to a new level this year. Don't know what the Roosta Dance is? Watch the video below:

I guess I was so distracted by drinking, eating, and taking photos that I failed to notice the skies growing darker and darker. I should have known it was bound to rain. The fact that the Cajuns were playing a home football game should have been a major tip off. Once the skies opened up, we were stuck under the tents for a good forty-five minutes, trapped by pouring rain, lightning, and thunder. But we all found ways to cope. I, for example, drank a lot of beer. Others had their own ways of dealing with the inclement weather.

Some went about their business- weather be damned!

Some, like Jim, used it as a chance to check out the fancy new game programs

Some just embraced the downpour and frolicked

Some had the foresight to realize it would rain and brought along the slip and slide!

Toward the end of the rain storm, Mr. Randy asked for a volunteer to stay out at the tents with all the stuff so we wouldn't have to pack it all up before going into the game. I knew I didn't feel like sitting in the game if it was going to be raining, so I convinced Alex that it was our good deed of the week to sit at the tent and play rent-a-cop. The rain had slackened off so before going "on duty" , I dragged Alex around the tailgating area to see who and what had survived.

Perfect mix of patriotism and Cajuns pride

We ran across the Animal House Kappa Alpha tent where the members had decided to set up...

this handy dandy tailgating pool!

The weather just before game time was still icky.

But it wasn't stopping the Cajun faithful from lining up to get in.

Shortly after everyone else had left for the game, a big guy and four pretty young girls (all of them decked out in Cajuns gear) rolled up to the Krewe's site in a golf cart. I had no idea who the guys was and, in an embarrassing mix of my R.S.S.D. (Retard in Socila Situations Disease), overzealous security guard mentality, and complete lack of observational powers, when he walked up to me, I was all up in his grill. Our conversation went like this:
Him: Hi! I was told my girls could come by and get something to eat.
Me: Who told you that?
Him: Uh...(snapping fingers)..Mister..uh...I can't remember his name. An older gentleman.
Me: (glaring suspiciously)
Him: I promise I'm telling the truth. Well, I'm Scot Weiland the women's soccer coach, and...
Me: (suddenly engaging my few remaining brain cells) OH MY GOD! I am sooooooooooooo sorry! Of course, of course, you are! And of course, of course, the girls can eat anything...everything! I am sooooooooooooo sorry!
Him: Oh, that's okay! Girls, why don't you all fix a plate?

Needless to say, I was falling all over myself offering the poor girls food and drinks. Did I mention these girls hustled their rear ends walking the tailgating area in the sun and then rain selling game programs? Coach Weiland left to gather more girls while I trailed behind him apologizing a few more times for being an *sshole. before the first round of girls left, I took their pic.

A few more rounds of girls came through, and Coach Weiland passed by to thank us again. Of course, Alex took the chance to point out things like, "Why did you think he was driving a golf cart? Didn't you notice they were all in Cajuns stuff? You know your Dad invites all the coaches and athletes by the tent to eat!" Yes, yes, Mr. SmartyPants, and where were you and your stunningly calm logic when I needed you?!?

The only problem with sitting out at the tent was that we had no radio, so I kept sneaking over to a nearby truck and eavesdropping. By the end of the first quarter, Alex and I were aware that the Cajuns were down 10-3. Matt and Patrice showed at the end of the first quarter to grab more liquor, and then a bit later Byron came by to do the same. They all ended up staying outside with us, drinking and whooping it up while periodically walking over to catch the score from the truck people's radio. At halftime the Cajuns were up, and early in the third quarter the truck people left, so Alex and I traversed the universe to get our car and pull it up to the Krewe site so we could listen to the game. In the car, on the way back to the site, Jason Chery ran 47 yards to score a touchdown, and I screamed so loudly Alex said I may have ruptured his eardrum. Whoopsie!

After that it was smooth sailing for the Cajuns, and the game was theirs! Final score was Cajuns 44 and Golden Fizzles 27! The rest of the Krewe returned to the site to find our little band of Cajun merry-makers drunk and happy, and then we all got the party started again.

It was a great start the tailgating season and a fantastic home opener for the Cajuns. Next week the Cajuns take on Kansas State Wildcats up in Manhattan, Kansas. Which begs the question- Where was O.J. hiding right before the famous white Bronco chase? On the Kansas State University campus. That's the last place you would find a football player. Har-de-har-har and geaux Cajuns beat the Wildcats!

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