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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who me? A date?

So today Alex and I went on a "date." I'm not sure why we decided to call it that. Perhaps we were trying to harken back to our youth with such a euphemism. Plus, the term does conjure up images of third base, and I don't mean baseball. Nudge, nudge, chortle, chortle. Okay, moving on. We, meaning I, decided to try Serranos Salsa Company.

Serranos came to town a few months ago. Being a new joint in Lafayette at which to graze, it was inundated immediately. Nobody loves a new eatery like the good citizens of Lafayette. There's a reason why Louisiana is the most obese state in the nation, people, and it's undoubtedly due, in large part (get it...large?), to the gluttonous city of Lafayette. Anyway, I knew the place was a chain restaurant, but for some reason I still had high expectations. I have no idea why I torture myself with this optimism. We ordered the Brazilian Mixed Grill. Basically, it's a big platter of scorched meat with two frozen ears of corn that have been grilled and slathered with what they claim is garlic and lime butter. Nothing about Serranos was horrible, but nothing was amazing either. Here's my one word review: Meh. There are much better places to dine on Latin food in Lafayette. And I knew this and yet, somehow, we ended up at a chain anyway. I hate myself.
Next up, a movie. Maybe my dining decision was based on sheer laziness, as Serranos is located directly in front of The Grand movie theater.

Disregard the promising name. It should be called, "The Grand According to 21st Century American Consumers." The theater I went to as a kid was grand. Back then we took the fifteen minute drive from Prudhomme City to Eunice to watch Pippy Longstockings in air-conditioned comfort at the Liberty Theater. In my eight-year-old brain, any place that had a balcony, hot popcorn, and red velvet curtains was spot-on grand. Now, as an adult, my opinion has been confirmed since it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Down the street was and is the Queen Cinema. It did not have the same panache as the Liberty but on the plus side, Music Machine was right next door, so you could gaze adoringly at the cover of Prince's album AND pick up those fake RayBans that would make you look just like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. Awesome. Anyway, at The Grand, we took in the new flick The Kingdom starring Jamie Foxx. Being as the government and society have me all worked up into a frenzy about a terrorist attack occurring any minute, I thought it would be fun to work this fear into the entertainment area of my life as well. In the morning, I had read a review in a highly respected periodical (*cough* People *cough*) in which the reviewer contended that the film had elicited a "jingoistic" response from the audience at that screening. A huh-what? Yeah, I had to look up the word, too. At any rate, it was a very well-done movie. When it ended, I had to check my watch. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie where I was left thinking, "It's over already?" Part of the reason I enjoyed it was that, despite the serious subject matter, it managed to be funny. Jason Bateman, especially, has some great one-liners. And, surprisingly, I didn't feel all jingoistic after viewing it. Sorry, People.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


So today I went to lunch with the mayor and first lady. It was great for two reasons. Number one, I am over 25 and no longer have to beg for money, so we can just have entertaining conversation. Number two, since I am back in school, it is like I am 25 again; therefore, lunch was FREE! Hurrah! And many thanks to the 'rents. We partook of the excellent food at Joey's. Joey's, for those of you who don't know, is pretty cool.

A few years ago, they were just a specialty grocery store, but they have since expanded and now have a hopping lunch spot. I'm not sure why they are advertising soup when it is still 90 degress outside, but whatever. I admire their optimism. Joey's is a good place to look for those items which Rachel Ray, liar that she is, oftens touts as being available in your local grocery store. Example: I have to go to Joey's when I prepare tiramisu, as they are the only place in Lafayette, that I know of, that has mascarpone and lady fingers. Rachel needs to see what is actually available in our local grocery stores. More on this later. Back to lunch. I had a very tasty veggie wrap and a fruit salad. Although I do have to say, I, parents, should have felt a bit gypped. First of all, I only got half of the wrap. Second of all, the fruit salad was served in a dish the size of which normally holds marinara sauce for cheesesticks. It was good, albeit overpriced for my dimishing pocketbook; thus, it was awesome that it was free. Anyhoo, after my free lunch, I went to the mall. My plan was to go directly to Bath and Body. Do not pass The Gap, do not stop at Bananna Republic. The point of this was to avoid being arrested as I sincerely doubt that the forces that be at the Mall of Acadiana take kindly to women with hands braced in storefront windows openly weeping. Mission accomplished, I left with three containers of anti-bacterial hand soap and four body sprays. Thanks, Marla, for the $25 gift certificate! Then it was on to Wal-Mart and food shoppping. This is where I had an epiphany- carrying my camera at all times is a Grade A idea. While in Wal-Mart perusing the meat section, I happened to see a most unusual item. So, Rachel, are THESE available in your local supermarket?

Didn't think so. Mmmmm- mmmm! Didn't I see Emeril whipping up a bamtastic recipe with these last night? Uh, NO! Though it is entirely possible that I will see them on Anthony Bourdain's next show. Who knew chickens even had paws? They look disturbingly like baby hands with alien claws, don't they?

You be the judge. All I know is, Rachel and her locally available pancetta got nothin' on chicken paws. Hollah!

Gettin' Foxy on Fox

So the Fan of the Week piece aired last night.

All together now- "Aawwwww, cher!" Now move over, Howard Stern, there's a new King of All Media in town. I think they did a really good job on the segment. It was actually longer than I thought it would be. (My one reproach- a clip of Troy scoring a touchdown? Really, Fox?) Dad looks awesome, and I look totally fat. Ah, the ying and yang of it all. Indeed, it was not myself who was edited out but my adorable oldest brother. What's up with that? Good thing I have photo evidence that he was interviewed. I did manage to pronounce only one word in a Cajun accent, which ain't too bad considering I was three-and-a-half beers into my six-pack of Dixie by the time the mike got stuck in my face. All hail the mayor! Kneel at his feet, Prudhommians! It is a mandatory requirement of all citizens and spouses to watch your mayor's glorious media debut on Fox four or more times. His power and prestige are now out there for all to see, we all get to brag, and everything is right with the world! Yeehaw...or should I say, Keeyaw!!! Keep on, keepin' on to all my favorite peeps!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Swedish Delight

So have you seen it? You haven't seen it?!? OMG, you've got to see it! But don't say I didn't warn you. Now, probably, at first glance at the still shot, you'll be able to surmise that the vid is European. Red flag, right there. I mean, what Europeans find compelling usually has Americans scratching their heads in some kind of primate-like haze going, "Huh?" C'mon, the French and Jerry Lewis, the Germans and David Hasselhoff. Don't tell me you get that. Thus, a heads up. Between the expulsion of bodily fluids and the TMI, it's just so...I mean, I can't even think of the right word to describe it. Horror, perhaps? Perchance your own reaction will be synonymous with mine, which was a mix of the girls from The Hills- "Eeeeewwwwwww!!"- and of crazy *ass Whitney Houston (God, I miss Being Bobby Brown)- "Oh, hell to the no! She did not just say that!" Enjoy, my peeps!

Drama in My Hood!

So this morning’s events, at approximately 7:45 AM, were interesting. I’m sitting in our home office on the computer. You know, checking email, reading the news (*cough* Perez Hilton *cough*). Our office faces our cul-de-sac and through the window, I see this cop car roll in. Now, it’s pretty unusual to get cars period on our street unless it’s the neighbors or someone who made a wrong turn. The cop car stops, and the dude gets out and shambles over to the neighbor’s house that is directly across from ours. So, I start thinkin’. Yeah, there have been police-type dudes over there quite a bit in the past, but just hanging out with the guy that lives there, and it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen that. I don’t know my neighbors’ situation (shocker!), except that the home is inhabited by an older lady, Maw Jo, and her son. I’m assuming this is the relationship, but for all I know she could be his sugar-mama. Anyway, back to this morning. After the cop goes to their door, I notice that he left his vehicle running. Weird. Can’t be a domestic since there’re no lights, the cop is solo, and the urgency of his gait is about what mine is when I’m headed into the dentist’s office. After about a minute, an ambulance rolls in. Now, this is getting interesting! Again, no lights and no hurry-up offense. They roll their little gurney into the house and a few minutes later haul out the son/ kept-man, and he’s sitting up on the gurney…IN RESTRAINTS!!! Yep, the dude was in a straightjacket. He wasn’t going Kanye-crazy or anything when I saw him, but he was definitely in some sort of cloth contraption designed to limit his arm movement. And amateur investigative journalist (a.k.a., a nosey **tch) that I am, I was taking photos from the window of the office.

But it felt a little too sleazy, even for me, to capture the guy all strapped up and being rolled out of his house, possibly on the way to the looney-bin. Needless to say, I am DYING to know what the he** is going on over there, so I’ll be keeping an eye out on ol’ Maw Jo’s digs for the next while. I’ll keep ya posted. Keep on, keepin’ on to all my favorite peeps!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


So the Cajuns managed to deliver another crapalicious performance against Troy State, but who cares?!? We're all gonna be TV stars! Yeah, that's right. The mayor is going to be the Fan of the Week on Fox News Louisiana. They sent a supermodel, er...reporter, to the Krewe de Chew site on Saturday. A little birdie told me that the mayor got some props on Ragin Pagin, and that's how the supermodel, er...reporter, got the skinny (no pun intended) on where to search for the best UL fan EVER. Being a first daughter and all, I even got be interviewed. If the camera adds 10 pounds, it's gonna be ugly, folks. With any luck, I'll end up on the cutting room floor. *fingers crossed* But I also saw the supermodel, er...reporter, interviewing the mayor, a first son, and at least one other Krewe member. Plus, they got great footage of us making *sses out of ourselves doing our signature dance, the Roostah. I'll be Tivoing (that's a verb, right?) the broadcast on Wednesday night and will, hopefully, have it uploaded soon thereafter. Mark your calendars!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're All A-Twitter

Remember the good old days (see above pics)? You know, before the Cajuns lost to McNeese. This week the majority of Prudhomme City citizens (the Daigles, minus Burt) are focused on the upcoming football game (debacle?) against Troy State. We're all in a poor frame of mind since our Cajuns have begun the year with the craptastic record of 0-3. Booya! So this week we, although I really can't speak for my fellow Prudhommians, are focusing on getting inebriated before the game, stuffing our faces, and I personally have a scheduled phone call to a friend in San Fran that will take place during the game. I'm pretty much counting on this being the entertainment, as opposed to the actual carnage that will probably take place on the field. And I might bring a book as back up.