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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bang, Bang, Bang! Bulleted Post Comin' at Ya!

by CajunKate

  • A few weeks ago we went to John Thomas' fourth birthday party. Here is my favorite pic:
  • All I want for Christmas is to see my new niece Eliza...with her eyes open. I have seen her three times (just after she was born, her baptism, and JT's birthday party). Those three times have consisted of watching her sleep. I think the total awake time during my visits with her has equaled less than five minutes. Photo collage as evidence:
  • Jen, Tim and the boys have arrived from Columbus! Hurray! Tonight we are all supposed to go to the basketball game. I will have a post tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas- MST3K Style!

by CajunKate

So today I was reading the blog BaRou Is the New Bklyn, and she had the clip Patrick Swayze Christmas from MST3K which set me to reminiscing about how much I love that show! And now, in honor of the Christmas season, a clip from the MST3K episode Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!

Favorite line-
Martian: What is a Christmas?
Joel: It's a Christian holiday ruined by commercialism.

P.S. Check out this grossness of a Christmas weather forecast. Oh, boy! Wish you were here!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Raining A's!

So happy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Diary of a Mad Housewife

by Cajun Kate

So this conversation took place out in the garage last night after Alex came home from work.

Me: Hey! Who wrote that on my car? Zandy! You d**k! Why'd you do that!
Him: Huh? What?
*looking at car, then laughing* That's funny!
Me: You wrote that, you a**!
Him: No, I didn't!
Me: Oh, stop it!
Him: I did
NOT write that.
Me: Alexander, I would have freaking noticed that some time today if it had been there! I'm not that unobservant!
Him: I did
NOT write that. I saw it there yesterday!
Me: Nu-unh! You're a liar.
* beginning to doubt myself* How would I not have noticed that?!?
Him: I have no idea, but I didn't do it.
Me: Maybe someone at Wal-Mart did it. That's the only place I've been. Why wouldn't I have seen it, though?
*shrug* (combined with continued completely innocent, angelic face)
Me: Oh my God! I hate when people do that. It makes me feel like such lazy a**hole. I'm getting the camera. This is blog worthy!
*Run inside and get camera; come back and begin taking pictures*
Him: Ha! That's funny!
(niggling doubts rapidly fleeing) OMG! You totally did that! *laughing*
Him: No, I didn't!
(smirky smile unable to be contained at this point)
Me: Zandy, you f**er! Who else would write "warsh"?
*riotous laughter*
Me: I hate you!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Gift Guide for the Haters

by CajunKate

So at this time of year, during my wanderings on the Internets, I'm always coming across the gift guides and/or wish lists of various people. This got me thinking about all gifts that would make me want to lay a roundhouse kick to face of the giver if they ended up under my tree. Why would I do compose such a list? Well, because it's the hap-happiest time of the year, and someone needs to balance this situation with a little snarkiness wrapped in dry wit. Who better than myself, I ask you? Stop saying lots and lots of people! Geez, nobody asked for YOUR snarkiness!

Without further ado, my gift guide for people who hate my f***king guts:

1. Beans. It is well-known fact that I abhor all manner of bean (except green beans). This leaves you with a wide variety with which to torment me- navy beans, red beans, black beans, lima beans... you get the idea. However, if you were a real hater, you would give me refried beans. If my bean hating were a mountain, refried beans would be the apex. And I would promptly hurl myself to my death rather than eat a smidge. Once a year, I eat ONE bean. This happens on New Years Day when I fish out one black-eyed pea from my brother Ted's "Famous Blackeyed Peas and Sausage." I swallow one pea whole and promptly guzzle whatever alcoholic beverage happens to be in my hand. I do this to allow the magical effect of eating blackeyed peas on New Years Day as good luck to take effect. I never get the good luck, which just enhances my loathing of the bean. It's really a tragic cycle with no end in sight.

2. Radio talk show host Deliliah's new book
Love Matters. I'm not even giving a courtesy link to that s**t. I loathe her show with the fire of a thousand suns. If I had to listen to her show once in the rest of my life, it would be one time too many. Her kind of scmaltz has no place in my life...EVER!

3. A Barry Manilow CD. Barry Manilow music makes me want to throw myself into oncoming traffic while gouging out my eardrums with a screwdriver. Stick that in your Copacabana, Barry!

4. A
Sarah Siverman Show DVD. Sarah Silverman is not funny. That's right. I said it. Except for that "I'm F***ing Matt Damon" video. That was pretty funny, but pretty much only because of Matt, yeah, she's not funny. Lots of times I find myself feeling an uncontrollable desire to throw a brick through the TV when I see commecials for her show. I'd pretty much be willing to destroy my husband's massive piece of electronic equipment, source of all his viewing pleasure, to avoid even seeing her face or hearing her annoying voice if it didn't mean he'd cut me off (and by cut me off, I mean sexually, of course . Oops! TMI. My bad.)

5. Tickets to NASCAR. Because that big fence would prevent me from hurling myself on the track to make it all just stop. There are many things I hate about NASCAR, not the least of which would be the ungodly noise of the cars, the inanity of cars going round and round in a circle, and those huge, obnoxious f**king logos on the cars for Wonder Bread and Tide and s**t.

And there you have it. My gift guide for anyone who hates me. Not that such people exist. With such a warm and sunny disposition as mine, who could ever have even a spark of enmity toward little ole me? Stop saying lots of people!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mah, What's Dat White Stuff?

by CajunKate

So Charlie Roy sent me an email and pics from Baton Rouge, and they got WAY more snow than we did in Lafayette. NO FAIR! I was talking to him on the phone when I heard maniacal laughter in the background followed by Chuck yelling, "Oh no! They're hitting me with snowballs! Gotta go defend myself!" So fun! I wish I was there. Anyway, here is Chuck's email, and the pics he sent. He's supposed to send more later. I'll post them as I get them.

Hey Folks,
Can you believe 5 - 6 inches of snow in parts of Southwest, South Central and Southeast Louisiana and Western Mississippi? Some maybe less or more. It started at about 5:30 AM and ended about an hour ago. Starting to rain and sleet now. If it was still snowing, no telling what we would have. National Weather Service and local weather people kept saying no accumulation except on bridges. I have attached pictures and all I can say is, look at no accumulation! It has been at about 34 degrees. If it had gotten below freezing last night, no telling what we would have. It is wonderful for us anyway. Last time we got any significant snow was in 1988 about 1 - 2 inches. This is the most I have seen in my lifetime on Louisiana.
We started out at school, but they closed it at around 7:45. A SNOW DAY IN Louisiana! Go Figure!
Share these photos via email with other people you know if you wish.

Noah in da SNEAUX!

The Daigles' street in Baton Rouge

The Daigle house in Baton Rouge

Mmmmmmm, Crow Never Tasted So Yummy!

by CajunKate

So, yeah, I proved myself a complete a**hole once again. But in a fun way! Behold!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to make Southwestern Louisanians S**t a Brick

by CajunKate

So this morning, I walked into the bedroom to deliver freshly ironed pants to Alex (Just call me Martha, b***hes!), and he was all, "Dude, Dave Baker said it's gonna snow!" And I knew, just knew, right then and there that people here would be freaking the f**k out at the mere mention of snow in a weather forecast. And, yes, there were at least two Facebook statuses of friends in Lafayette addressing the phenomenon.

Now, the real deal is..well, it ain't gonna "snow." At least not the big, fluffy white flakes version, otherwise known as "real snow." If it "snows," it's gonna be the same s**t we always get- hard little iceballs more akin to hail than snow that lightly coat your roof. But it will be enough (if it happens, which I am betting it won't) to make people here lose their minds and close schools and roads and be out in their yards trying to make snowballs and snowmen and s**t. Yes, really. It's so sad.

Monday, December 8, 2008

And You Can Put That Psychopathology Text Where The Sun Don't Shine

by CajunKate

So woohoo! And yay! And hurrah! Another semester down, b****es! I'm a little busy... WITH MY BIG A** GLASS OF WINE!

Thank you, baby Jesus for teh wine!

Blogging will recommence shortly. That is all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The B***h Is Back!

by CajunKate

So, WOW! That was an entire month of HELL(!), in case you were keeping track. I finally, FINALLY, got my power cord back from Best Buy today. Yes, I got my laptop back two weeks ago but could not USE it because they sent it back with the wrong power cord. And it took two f**king weeks for them to finally send the right one to Best Buy who, by the way, NEVER called me to tell me it was in and then, when I finally went in today, and just stood there, saying in all ways except words, that I was not f**king leaving until they gave me a power cord, the slacker pothead in Geek Squad, after three trips to the mysterious "back," finally emerged with my power cord. And do you know what I did? Did I scream and throw a fit and make a big "I want to see the manager RIGHT NOW!" scene. Only if screaming out, "OH MY GOD! Thank you! I love you!" and scuttling to the exit with my tiny cardboard box counts, which I'm pretty sure it does not.

Nevertheless, I am back to having my OWN computer. Sweet, Baby Jesus, how I love it! No more sharing with Zandy and World of Warcrack. And you know what that means! Mo' bloggin', mo' bloggin', mo' bloggin'! Sorry. Unobstructed internet access is making me lightheaded.

Tomorrow, Alex and I head to Gulf Shores for the annual Mottram Thanksgiving. I hope all of you have a super- dooper, awesome, tryptophan overdose holiday break, my peeps!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eliza "Talks"

By BDaigle

Eliza is getting big! She is now 13 lbs and 11 weeks old. We're excited she's doing so well, but sad she is growing up so fast! It seems like we just brought her home and now she's days away from rolling over.

I have better video to share of Eliza taking a bath and her baptism. Alas it was all shot with my "real" video camera and the process for publishing it to the blog is a little involved. It's coming, don't worry. In the meantime, here is a little "short" I took with Melissa's digital camera this evening.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Super Quick Share

by CajunKate

So I just ADORE this pic I took of Emily at the Cajuns' last home game. She is so beautiful! (Inside and out, I might add.) I just had to share.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time Out!

by CajunKate

So it's not just the dead laptop situation that is interfering with my ability to blog. I also have three classes and a practicum this semester, thus I have a HUGE, GINORMOUS, SCARY exam in abnormal psychology on Tuesday. This means that every spare moment (not spent at tailgating and the Cajuns game, of course) must be devoted to theory. Basically what I'm saying is, you're going to have to wait until after Tuesday for a blog of any significance.

In other dead laptop news, I am in Internet Explorer HELL! Firefox, wherefore art thou, Firefox? No, seriously, I'm about to cut a b****h over this. "Exploder" SUCKS A**!

That is all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear Tech Gods- You SUCK!

by CajunKate

So who knew that being without my laptop would make me anxious and crazy more anxious and crazier? That not having access to my email addresses, my bookmarks, my Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and my pictures would cause me to chew my fingernails and ruminate over the injustice of it all? That going back to the Stone Age of sharing a PC with Alex is not in any way "fun" or "pleasantly nostalgic"? WHAT?!?!?!? You knew and didn't tell me? You f**kers.

Did you also know that not having access to my own computer would significantly decrease my long, picture heavy, rambling updates? HA! Joke's on you because I WILL find a way! And that way may be called "canceling Alex's subscription to World of Warcrack." Desperate times call for desperate measures, people!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

UL! Give Them Hell!

by CajunKate

So it has been quite the busy weekend for the Mottrams. I gotta blog about Homecoming 2008 and ELiza Camille's baptism, but I am entirely too tired for that right now, so I leave you with a video posted on YouTube for the UL song by D.J. Sal that I posted the other day. This is my way of saying: Yeah! The Cajuns beat some FIU a** (49-20), and my boy Fenroy set TWO records! And Troy State lost, so the Cajuns are now the lone #1 team in the SunBelt! Not that I'm excited or anything.

Friday, October 31, 2008

My Dead Computer

by CajunKate

So the Mayor called the other day to say that his new computer (only three months old) refuses to start. Then yesterday he called to ask for a favor, and I ended up hearing about how BestBuy has him in computer limbo hell. I couldn't help feeling a little holier than thou and thinking Better him than me! Five hours later my laptop was dead, and no Zandy magic could fix it, meaning it has to go to Best Buy today. The moral of this story: Don't tell me karma's not a bitch!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ragin Cajun Rap!

by CajunKate

So this week is Homecoming for UL, and this song was posted today on RaginPagin, and apparently Lafayette radio stations have been playing it all week, as well. It's by D.J. Sal, a local hip-hop artist from Loreauville. You'll have to go to my Tumblr page to hear it or to Ragin' Pagin. I love it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday Roundup!

by CajunKate

So I usually make a point of trying to acknowledge the birthdays of IPIMLs (Important People in My Life) on the blog, but boy howdy, have I been slacking. One of my IPIMLs (Sam) had a party which I attended, and I didn't even blog about it. For shame! For all my IPIMLs who have celebrated a birthday this fall, I will now make up for my severe laziness by giving you a requisite dose of blog birthday love.

First off, Melissa! My newest Superwoman sister-in-law. For her birthday this year, she got a brand new beautiful baby girl. There's really no way a blog post can top that, so I'll just say that I love ya like a fat kid loves cake, Sista!

Second up, Bydee! Also, known by his given name Byron, but we all call him Bydee now. We can thank Queen Emily for the Bydee moniker as that is how she pronounced his name when she was learning to talk. Happy birthday, Bydee!

Next up, Colin! Happy birthday, love muffin nephew! May you always eat food off of the floor and run around with a cookie in each hand!

And Quinn, Colin's Irish twin! Happy birthday my little Ragin' Cajun lover! May you always be germ-free and think Colin is gross and a mess!

Happy birthday, Sam! I love you to the moon despite your love of the LSU Tigers and the fact that you got sick of talking to me at your birthday party and told me, "This conversation is OVER, okay? OVER!" Even though it made me want to put duct tape over your piehole, you're a pistol, and I love it!

And happy birthday to Sam's daddy, Teddy! Er, Ted as he prefers to be called, but I can't help sometimes reverting to his childhood name. Sorry, TED! Ted and I are very close in age. As so, we sometimes have the most fun, and we sometimes end up in epic fights. Like that one time I threw a remote control at his head when we were living together while in college. Ted, my birthday gift to you is apologizing for trying to behead you with an electronic device fifteen years ago. Aren't I such a giver?

Next up, "Molly Sue Bee Honey," Ted's wife and one of my Superwoman sisters-in-law! She awes me every day. Love ya, Molls!

The happiest of birthdays to our first teenager in the grandchild tribe, Queen Emily! She turned thirteen this year, which thrilled her and probably sent her parents into a spiral of "Oh my God! How did I get old enough to have a teenager?" madness. Congrats, Em, by simply celebrating your birthday you just completed the time-honored teenage tradition of slowly driving your parents insane . No matter what happens, I will never question your taste in music, clothes, makeup, or boys. This is because I have the luxury of not being your parent, so I really have no stake and can just sit back and laugh and laugh as you slowly drive them 'round the bend. Go get 'em, Emmy!

A very hearty happy birthday to my favorite bro-in-law Tim, whose birthday I totally forgot. The fact that you are my only bro-in-law has no bearing on your status as my favorite. No, really. It totally doesn't. That whole completely forgetting your birthday thing was a fluke. Never happen again. Maybe. Probably. Well, let's just hope for the best, shall we?

And finally. happy birthday to my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Seth. Seth and I have been friends for (and I can't believe I am actually about to type this) 22 years! Holy s**tballs, that's a long time! Seth is my brother from another mother. The wind beneath my wings. The ketchup to my fries. Even though he is far away in San Francisco, a day never goes by when I don't think of him. To Seth, I apologize for the lack of phone calls lately, and I promise to try and do better. Also, thanks for the (inside joke coming) "Momma? Come get me, Momma!" moments in my life. I hope you had a brand new one on your birthday!

So happy birthday to all my fall birthday IPIMLs! I love each and every one of you oh so much and feel blessed to have you in my life!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cajun Football 2008: Can You Say Comeback Win?

by CajunKate

So I know, I know. I've totally been M.I.A. on the blog recently. Busy bee over here what with that school thing and all. But I crawled out from under my rock to attend the UL tailgating and festivities yesterday.

The weather yesterday was beyond perfect for football. I remember that clear into the end of October last year I was either sweating bullets or drenched in rain at the Cajun football games, so a day with clear blue skies and temps in the mid-70's was a true miracle. And, man, were people pumped up to see the Cajuns play! I went to the tailgating site around 10:30 AM to drop off some stuff, and there were already a TON of people out partying and cooking (and MY GOD did it smell good!) Keep in mind kickoff was not until 6:00 PM!

After dropping off the stuff, I went to work out. This was pretty much exercise in futility as I pretty much knew whatever calories I burned off would be consumed in triplicate later at tailgating. Which is exactly what happened. Damn you, Krewe de Chew, and your awesome grub!

Alex has a really bad cold right now, and he needed to stay home and rest so I was riding solo through the festivities. Ain't no shame in a woman dragging an ice chest laden with cold beer half-a-mile to the KdC site. That's my motto! Here are some shots of what greeted me at the tailgating:

Yeah, that's a s**tload of people!

Tons more peeps at the KdC tents

I have no idea what the heck inspired Brenda to bring a rubber chicken to the game, but I put nothing past any KdC member ever. Rubber chickens now seem most tame after some of the things I've seen.

Randy...He...Maybe...I really have no words.

Grand Chew doin' what he does best- CHILLIN', yo!

See that fancy game program Kenny is reading? Yeah, well the Krewe de Chew had a full page feature (p.85) and I had a recipe featured (p.86) as did C. Roy. I have no doubts my fame will spread hence forth. Reality TV here I come!

Molly brought the boys to the game. Ted was busy at a volleyball tournament, so babysitter Claire was brought along to help kid wrangle. (Have I mentioned I love Claire? She's the sweetest and bestest. I wish I did have kids just so Claire could babysit them. That's how awesome she is!) The boys had a great time playing football and watching the band do their thang outside the stadium. Max, especially, loves all that stuff.

This is Dad and Max with the new prez of UL, Dr. Joe Savoie. Obviously, our rep has spread far and wide.

The boys playing some football

Mary Grace and John Thomas gettin' their grub on!

Ragin Cajun pride- Daigle style, baby!

Gabe and Max check out the band before the game

Johnny T, less than impressed with the band

Inside the game, I walked down to the field so I could get some pics of the pre-game festivities and the team entrance.

Pride of Acadian pre-game show

Team captains

Cajuns take the field!

After the Ragin Cajun rabid fan version stalkerazzi, I lugged my fat a** up to the second level to sit with Molly, Claire, and the tribe. John Thomas spent most of the time using my camera or asking me when he could use my camera again. For example he took this lovely pic of me:

My look of disbelief has to do with a tale of hair terror being told to me by Molly involving stylist error and her attempts at correcting that error ON HER OWN with L'Oreal products. Now, if it were me, my hair wold be green or I'd be bald. But Molly, being Superwoman and all, looked beautiful and I told her how nice her hair looked.
Life is not fair, people!

In between taking pics, JT ate peanuts... did Gabe

...and Mary Grace.

Sam spent the majority of time looking for his nemesis:

CAYENNE, THE PEPPER! Sam hates this thing! There's nothing more amusing when bored at a Cajuns game where Sam is in attendance than to start the "I think I saw Cayenne the Pepper on his way over here!" Cruel, but oh so funny.

As for the game itself, what a freakin' nail biter! With the starting QB (Mike "Dez" Desormeaux) out, we struggled on offense, and when the backup QB (Brad McGuire) threw a pick 6 with about 7 minutes left to put the Cajuns down by 9, I have to admit that I was not feeling optimistic. But danged if this Cajun team really is in it to win it this year! They did not give up! They marched right down the field, scored a TD, held on defense, scored another TD, and held off the last second Hail Mary pass by Arkie State.

Final score!

Cajuns and students celebrate!

Whew! It was awesome to finally be the team that was on the good end of a comeback. AND, the Cajuns are now undefeated in conference- AWESOME! Have a winning record- AWESOME! And Tyrell Fenroy is only 30 yards short of becoming only the 7th NCAA player ever to have 4 straight 1,000 yard seasons- AWESOME!

Now the Cajuns have an open week to rest up and get Dez healthy in time for Homecoming on November 8. Geaux Cajuns!