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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The B***h Is Back!

by CajunKate

So, WOW! That was an entire month of HELL(!), in case you were keeping track. I finally, FINALLY, got my power cord back from Best Buy today. Yes, I got my laptop back two weeks ago but could not USE it because they sent it back with the wrong power cord. And it took two f**king weeks for them to finally send the right one to Best Buy who, by the way, NEVER called me to tell me it was in and then, when I finally went in today, and just stood there, saying in all ways except words, that I was not f**king leaving until they gave me a power cord, the slacker pothead in Geek Squad, after three trips to the mysterious "back," finally emerged with my power cord. And do you know what I did? Did I scream and throw a fit and make a big "I want to see the manager RIGHT NOW!" scene. Only if screaming out, "OH MY GOD! Thank you! I love you!" and scuttling to the exit with my tiny cardboard box counts, which I'm pretty sure it does not.

Nevertheless, I am back to having my OWN computer. Sweet, Baby Jesus, how I love it! No more sharing with Zandy and World of Warcrack. And you know what that means! Mo' bloggin', mo' bloggin', mo' bloggin'! Sorry. Unobstructed internet access is making me lightheaded.

Tomorrow, Alex and I head to Gulf Shores for the annual Mottram Thanksgiving. I hope all of you have a super- dooper, awesome, tryptophan overdose holiday break, my peeps!

1 comment:

The Mayor said...

You are truly a nice person. Why didn't you scream and shout, "why the hell didn't you lazy ass jerks call me three weeks ago, or howevever long you have held this power cord in your self made "black hole"?

You let the "Big Box" store off to easily. I made my last trip to that store after my confrontation with the store manager, which I am certain he still remembers.

The Mayor