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Sunday, November 2, 2008

UL! Give Them Hell!

by CajunKate

So it has been quite the busy weekend for the Mottrams. I gotta blog about Homecoming 2008 and ELiza Camille's baptism, but I am entirely too tired for that right now, so I leave you with a video posted on YouTube for the UL song by D.J. Sal that I posted the other day. This is my way of saying: Yeah! The Cajuns beat some FIU a** (49-20), and my boy Fenroy set TWO records! And Troy State lost, so the Cajuns are now the lone #1 team in the SunBelt! Not that I'm excited or anything.

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Anonymous said...

hey was up this is DJ SAL, just wanted to thank you and everyone else for all the support! Appreciate the love! If we go to the New Orleans bowl...let me re-phrase that...when we go to the New Orleans Bowl, I will make a remix to the song! How the boys this year?????