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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prudhomme City Primer

by CajunKate & BDaigle

Prudhomme City Chronicle
- personal blog for all former and current Prudhommians and their fawning, other interested parties; founded by CajunKate and contributed to by BDaigle and Jen-Jen, all former Prudhommians; features the rambling thoughts of CajunKate and updates on the goings-on of the Daigle clan and its minions

Prudhomme City- not actually a city or town; small cluster of homes in south Louisiana smack dab in the middle of Cajun country; aerial view of area can be seen in the masthead of Prudhomme City Chronicle; ground zero for the Daigle clan

Daigle Manor - not actually a manor, but a large farmhouse; largest home in Prudhomme City; former home of the mayor and first lady of Prudhomme City now inhabited by Ted & Molly.

Daigle Compound - Ted & Molly moving out to Prudhomme City prompted this new name. The original Daigle homestead (dubbed the Tinderbox by the first lady) which is not inhabited and used for storage was moved from its place across the yard from Daigle Manor to face Hwy. 95 and make room for the the mayor and first lady's new home. The mayor & first lady bought, moved, and renovated the mayor's first cousin's Victorian home (circa 1900's). 40 acres, 3 houses, and 10 Daigles = Daigle Compound.

The mayor (a.k.a Daddy, Dad, Poppa Smurf, CajunCharlie; b. Dec. 14, 1930- d. Dec.19, 2010)- not actually a mayor, but affectionately referred to as such by his children since he is the the most happening dude in Prudhomme City; retired USAF lieutenant colonel and former farmer; loved dearly and missed deeply

The first lady (a.k.a. Mom, Momma, Maw, Gwen, Gwenie, Gwendola)- not actually a first lady but married to "not actually a mayor" CajunCharlie so she gets honored status as well; displaced Yankee, former RN, cancer survivor, mother of six, and a rockin' feminista

The first daughters and sons: six offspring of the mayor and first lady listed below
  • Charlie (a.k.a. Charlie Roy, CRoy, Chuck)- oldest of the Daigle clan; currently resides in the hell hole known as Baton Rouge (no offense, bro!); married to the lovely and talented Aimee (a.k.a Aims, Aimster), a nurse practitioner; two awesome offspring

Emily- gorgeous girlie attending high school; multi-talented (sings, dances, and acts!); also known as Queen Emily since she is first grandchild of the mayor and first lady
Noah- cutest boy in Baton Rouge; admired for his Transformer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle obsessions
  • Jenny (a.k.a. Jen-Jen)- second born of the Daigle clan; currently lives in Gahanna, Ohio, with her freakin' awesome husband Tim; two phenomenal offspring

Quinn- currently sharing title of cutest kid in Ohio with his brother; most days can be found wearing Ragin Cajun gear foisted upon him by his aunt, Cajun Kate
Colin- tied for cutest kid in Ohio with his brother Quinn; usually can be found grinning and headed for trouble with a cookie or other edible treat in each hand
  • Katie (a.k.a. CajunKate, Nanny Kate)- third born of the Daigle clan; currently resides in Lafayette; married to Alex (a.k.a. Zandy, the Zandinator, Zandodalee); no offspring
  • Ted- fourth born of the Daigle clan; currently resides in Prudhomme City; married to Molly, hot wife and mom; 7 fantastic offspring- six boys (a.k.a. the Little Man Clan) and one girl.

Max- oldest son; sports afficianado
Gabe- second born; daredevil
Sam (a.k.a Shoobee)- third born; spurner of physical affection and lone LSU fan of the Daigle clan (TRAITOR!)
John Thomas (a.k.a. JT or Johnny T)- fourth born; aspiring dictator of Little Man Clan
Mary Grace- lone girl of the offspring; also known as Princess Mary Grace since she and Queen Emily were the only female grandchildren at one time.
6. Peter Roy (a.k.a. Speedy; the Drunken Irishman, PRoy)- most laid back baby ever; likes eating and sleeping (in that order)
7. Michael Francois- baby (for now) of the Little Man Clan; middle name is in honor of The Mayor
  • Burt (a.k.a. BDaigle, T-Burt)- fifth born of the Daigle clan; lone dissenter as he is the only child not to have graduated from UL, but transferred to McNeese State University instead (TRAITOR!); currently resides in New Orleans with the beautiful and funny Melissa (a.k.a. Sista); two offspring

1. Eliza Camille: (a.k.a Zah-Zah or Cheeks) third female grandchild; also known as Princess Eliza; knows what she wants and knows how to get it- she uses her excessive cuteness!

2. Libby Kate: (a.k.a. Wibby; Libs) fourth female grandchild; known for her smiles and delicious baby fat rolls

  • Byron (a.k.a. Bydee)- baby of the Daigle clan; resides in his own home in Grand Coteau; has Masters degree and is gainfully employed; hot and ferociously funny and currently taken by the beautiful & sweet-natured Steph


BDaigle said...

Daigle mansion? MANSION?!? Daigle MANOR...maaaannnooor. MANSION means we're obnoxious. MANOR means we don't care what you think. ;)

CajunKate said...

@bdaigle- Okay, okay! Jeezums, now I know why people bitch about editors so much. I'm on it!

Mary T said...

Tooooo funny. You really should expand upon the Prudhommians. I would love to see what you would write about the Millers, Rougeaus, and Sattlers.

Nathan said...

Awesome. Best blog ive ever stumbled upon