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Saturday, April 19, 2008

When Cell Phones Make a Break for It

by CajunKate

So this week brought a rash of Daigle cell phones mislaid and unaccounted for. On Friday, I got this email from the mayor:

Subject: ALERT!
Actually the subject should be.... an alert from a dumb-ass. I have misplaced/lost my cell phone. How dumb and asinine is that? In the meantime I have had my phone disconnected, and am still trying to figure out where I laid the damn thing. So, if you have attempted to call me and could not you now know the reason why. If I find it, or if replace it with a new one, I will let you all know if the number has stayed the same or changed.
In the meantime, offer up a prayer for the #1 dumb-ass.


And then on Saturday, I got this email from Ted:

Subject: Re: on Alert and the price of being a victim
To all,
As long as we are on cell phones, I have lost mine, as well. Unlike Dad, my loss is not my fault. I blame the strange environment, a dressing room. I am almost never in one. I blame Academy sports. They don't have a sign in their dressing room reminding me not to be stupid and leave my cell phone in a dressing room while I'd rather be in the hunting section. I blame the cell phone company. They allow me to buy insurance on my phone and it only costs me a small deductible to have it replaced in a few days. They make me irresponsible. I blame anyone and everyone at school. It was after work and they had all made me tired and forgetful. I blame Anheuser-Busch. I wanted to be drinking a beer after work (instead of during work as usual). They distracted me. I blame my own negative attitude. I hate my cell phone and am glad that it is gone.
Anyway, the enablers at the cell phone insurance company will have me back in action on Monday. Call me at ***-**** if you'd like to hear my voice mail, because I don't answer my cell phone and don't return calls unless it's about something fun or happy. I will be in Washington D.C. from Tuesday to Friday if you would like to be ignored from the nation's capitol.
Have a great day, don't beat up Dad and don't blame me for losing my phone.
Your victim of the "Me generation",

Man, it's a great week to be a cell phone in the Daigle family. I bet they're both traveling the underground railroad to reunite with all the other freed cell phones and celebrate. Or some lucky meth head is trying to sell them for ten dollars down at the bus station. One or the other.

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Colleen said...

I hope they liberate my cell phone from the dump in Alabama after it got thrown away at a rest area.
grumble grumble