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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday Roundup!

by CajunKate

So I usually make a point of trying to acknowledge the birthdays of IPIMLs (Important People in My Life) on the blog, but boy howdy, have I been slacking. One of my IPIMLs (Sam) had a party which I attended, and I didn't even blog about it. For shame! For all my IPIMLs who have celebrated a birthday this fall, I will now make up for my severe laziness by giving you a requisite dose of blog birthday love.

First off, Melissa! My newest Superwoman sister-in-law. For her birthday this year, she got a brand new beautiful baby girl. There's really no way a blog post can top that, so I'll just say that I love ya like a fat kid loves cake, Sista!

Second up, Bydee! Also, known by his given name Byron, but we all call him Bydee now. We can thank Queen Emily for the Bydee moniker as that is how she pronounced his name when she was learning to talk. Happy birthday, Bydee!

Next up, Colin! Happy birthday, love muffin nephew! May you always eat food off of the floor and run around with a cookie in each hand!

And Quinn, Colin's Irish twin! Happy birthday my little Ragin' Cajun lover! May you always be germ-free and think Colin is gross and a mess!

Happy birthday, Sam! I love you to the moon despite your love of the LSU Tigers and the fact that you got sick of talking to me at your birthday party and told me, "This conversation is OVER, okay? OVER!" Even though it made me want to put duct tape over your piehole, you're a pistol, and I love it!

And happy birthday to Sam's daddy, Teddy! Er, Ted as he prefers to be called, but I can't help sometimes reverting to his childhood name. Sorry, TED! Ted and I are very close in age. As so, we sometimes have the most fun, and we sometimes end up in epic fights. Like that one time I threw a remote control at his head when we were living together while in college. Ted, my birthday gift to you is apologizing for trying to behead you with an electronic device fifteen years ago. Aren't I such a giver?

Next up, "Molly Sue Bee Honey," Ted's wife and one of my Superwoman sisters-in-law! She awes me every day. Love ya, Molls!

The happiest of birthdays to our first teenager in the grandchild tribe, Queen Emily! She turned thirteen this year, which thrilled her and probably sent her parents into a spiral of "Oh my God! How did I get old enough to have a teenager?" madness. Congrats, Em, by simply celebrating your birthday you just completed the time-honored teenage tradition of slowly driving your parents insane . No matter what happens, I will never question your taste in music, clothes, makeup, or boys. This is because I have the luxury of not being your parent, so I really have no stake and can just sit back and laugh and laugh as you slowly drive them 'round the bend. Go get 'em, Emmy!

A very hearty happy birthday to my favorite bro-in-law Tim, whose birthday I totally forgot. The fact that you are my only bro-in-law has no bearing on your status as my favorite. No, really. It totally doesn't. That whole completely forgetting your birthday thing was a fluke. Never happen again. Maybe. Probably. Well, let's just hope for the best, shall we?

And finally. happy birthday to my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Seth. Seth and I have been friends for (and I can't believe I am actually about to type this) 22 years! Holy s**tballs, that's a long time! Seth is my brother from another mother. The wind beneath my wings. The ketchup to my fries. Even though he is far away in San Francisco, a day never goes by when I don't think of him. To Seth, I apologize for the lack of phone calls lately, and I promise to try and do better. Also, thanks for the (inside joke coming) "Momma? Come get me, Momma!" moments in my life. I hope you had a brand new one on your birthday!

So happy birthday to all my fall birthday IPIMLs! I love each and every one of you oh so much and feel blessed to have you in my life!

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sethleger said...

gotta love the hot floor of the 42nd street station at 5am in NYC in the summer.....waiting for the heavenly air-conditioned '6' to roll by.....
only to have to walk six more muggy and dirty blocks up to 105th street.