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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Diary of a Mad Housewife

by Cajun Kate

So this conversation took place out in the garage last night after Alex came home from work.

Me: Hey! Who wrote that on my car? Zandy! You d**k! Why'd you do that!
Him: Huh? What?
*looking at car, then laughing* That's funny!
Me: You wrote that, you a**!
Him: No, I didn't!
Me: Oh, stop it!
Him: I did
NOT write that.
Me: Alexander, I would have freaking noticed that some time today if it had been there! I'm not that unobservant!
Him: I did
NOT write that. I saw it there yesterday!
Me: Nu-unh! You're a liar.
* beginning to doubt myself* How would I not have noticed that?!?
Him: I have no idea, but I didn't do it.
Me: Maybe someone at Wal-Mart did it. That's the only place I've been. Why wouldn't I have seen it, though?
*shrug* (combined with continued completely innocent, angelic face)
Me: Oh my God! I hate when people do that. It makes me feel like such lazy a**hole. I'm getting the camera. This is blog worthy!
*Run inside and get camera; come back and begin taking pictures*
Him: Ha! That's funny!
(niggling doubts rapidly fleeing) OMG! You totally did that! *laughing*
Him: No, I didn't!
(smirky smile unable to be contained at this point)
Me: Zandy, you f**er! Who else would write "warsh"?
*riotous laughter*
Me: I hate you!

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