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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to make Southwestern Louisanians S**t a Brick

by CajunKate

So this morning, I walked into the bedroom to deliver freshly ironed pants to Alex (Just call me Martha, b***hes!), and he was all, "Dude, Dave Baker said it's gonna snow!" And I knew, just knew, right then and there that people here would be freaking the f**k out at the mere mention of snow in a weather forecast. And, yes, there were at least two Facebook statuses of friends in Lafayette addressing the phenomenon.

Now, the real deal is..well, it ain't gonna "snow." At least not the big, fluffy white flakes version, otherwise known as "real snow." If it "snows," it's gonna be the same s**t we always get- hard little iceballs more akin to hail than snow that lightly coat your roof. But it will be enough (if it happens, which I am betting it won't) to make people here lose their minds and close schools and roads and be out in their yards trying to make snowballs and snowmen and s**t. Yes, really. It's so sad.

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The Mayor said...

I can't get overly excited about a prediction of snow. The reason why is that in my USAF career I spent two years in Wisconsin where we witnessed winters that were for the ages. Then I get sent to N Dak. Need I say more. This is the land where they bury their water lines 6' deep to insure they don't freeze, and postpone funerals until spring(May) to bury you, unless you have a slot in the cemetary mausoleum.

I wasn't done being punished. N Dak I get sent to Saglek Bay, Labrador, which is about 280 miles north of Goosebay (enchanting names, eh?)for a year of isolation. Now get this! I get my reassignment orders at the end of my year of exile, and it says Topsham AFS, ME. Talk about s****ing a brick!!

Fortunately, I was able to weasel myself out of that assignment and wound up just south of KC,MO. Truthfully, it was a great assignment, except during tornado season.

So, no the prediction of snow does not turn my crank. Oh, the little cajun chillens would be ecstatic. Let the little gremlins exist in a locale where summer consists of May, June, July and Aug. They wouldn't be leaping in joy with a prediction of snow.

Okay, I will concede one thing. If it does snow I want 1' or better. None of this namby-pamby slush layer. Then we can really have some fun with our frost bitten toes, ears, fingers, etc. And to top it off you have to take a "leak" outdoors.

Good Luck!!