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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drama in My Hood!

So this morning’s events, at approximately 7:45 AM, were interesting. I’m sitting in our home office on the computer. You know, checking email, reading the news (*cough* Perez Hilton *cough*). Our office faces our cul-de-sac and through the window, I see this cop car roll in. Now, it’s pretty unusual to get cars period on our street unless it’s the neighbors or someone who made a wrong turn. The cop car stops, and the dude gets out and shambles over to the neighbor’s house that is directly across from ours. So, I start thinkin’. Yeah, there have been police-type dudes over there quite a bit in the past, but just hanging out with the guy that lives there, and it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen that. I don’t know my neighbors’ situation (shocker!), except that the home is inhabited by an older lady, Maw Jo, and her son. I’m assuming this is the relationship, but for all I know she could be his sugar-mama. Anyway, back to this morning. After the cop goes to their door, I notice that he left his vehicle running. Weird. Can’t be a domestic since there’re no lights, the cop is solo, and the urgency of his gait is about what mine is when I’m headed into the dentist’s office. After about a minute, an ambulance rolls in. Now, this is getting interesting! Again, no lights and no hurry-up offense. They roll their little gurney into the house and a few minutes later haul out the son/ kept-man, and he’s sitting up on the gurney…IN RESTRAINTS!!! Yep, the dude was in a straightjacket. He wasn’t going Kanye-crazy or anything when I saw him, but he was definitely in some sort of cloth contraption designed to limit his arm movement. And amateur investigative journalist (a.k.a., a nosey **tch) that I am, I was taking photos from the window of the office.

But it felt a little too sleazy, even for me, to capture the guy all strapped up and being rolled out of his house, possibly on the way to the looney-bin. Needless to say, I am DYING to know what the he** is going on over there, so I’ll be keeping an eye out on ol’ Maw Jo’s digs for the next while. I’ll keep ya posted. Keep on, keepin’ on to all my favorite peeps!

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