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Thursday, September 27, 2007


So today I went to lunch with the mayor and first lady. It was great for two reasons. Number one, I am over 25 and no longer have to beg for money, so we can just have entertaining conversation. Number two, since I am back in school, it is like I am 25 again; therefore, lunch was FREE! Hurrah! And many thanks to the 'rents. We partook of the excellent food at Joey's. Joey's, for those of you who don't know, is pretty cool.

A few years ago, they were just a specialty grocery store, but they have since expanded and now have a hopping lunch spot. I'm not sure why they are advertising soup when it is still 90 degress outside, but whatever. I admire their optimism. Joey's is a good place to look for those items which Rachel Ray, liar that she is, oftens touts as being available in your local grocery store. Example: I have to go to Joey's when I prepare tiramisu, as they are the only place in Lafayette, that I know of, that has mascarpone and lady fingers. Rachel needs to see what is actually available in our local grocery stores. More on this later. Back to lunch. I had a very tasty veggie wrap and a fruit salad. Although I do have to say, I, parents, should have felt a bit gypped. First of all, I only got half of the wrap. Second of all, the fruit salad was served in a dish the size of which normally holds marinara sauce for cheesesticks. It was good, albeit overpriced for my dimishing pocketbook; thus, it was awesome that it was free. Anyhoo, after my free lunch, I went to the mall. My plan was to go directly to Bath and Body. Do not pass The Gap, do not stop at Bananna Republic. The point of this was to avoid being arrested as I sincerely doubt that the forces that be at the Mall of Acadiana take kindly to women with hands braced in storefront windows openly weeping. Mission accomplished, I left with three containers of anti-bacterial hand soap and four body sprays. Thanks, Marla, for the $25 gift certificate! Then it was on to Wal-Mart and food shoppping. This is where I had an epiphany- carrying my camera at all times is a Grade A idea. While in Wal-Mart perusing the meat section, I happened to see a most unusual item. So, Rachel, are THESE available in your local supermarket?

Didn't think so. Mmmmm- mmmm! Didn't I see Emeril whipping up a bamtastic recipe with these last night? Uh, NO! Though it is entirely possible that I will see them on Anthony Bourdain's next show. Who knew chickens even had paws? They look disturbingly like baby hands with alien claws, don't they?

You be the judge. All I know is, Rachel and her locally available pancetta got nothin' on chicken paws. Hollah!

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