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Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're All A-Twitter

Remember the good old days (see above pics)? You know, before the Cajuns lost to McNeese. This week the majority of Prudhomme City citizens (the Daigles, minus Burt) are focused on the upcoming football game (debacle?) against Troy State. We're all in a poor frame of mind since our Cajuns have begun the year with the craptastic record of 0-3. Booya! So this week we, although I really can't speak for my fellow Prudhommians, are focusing on getting inebriated before the game, stuffing our faces, and I personally have a scheduled phone call to a friend in San Fran that will take place during the game. I'm pretty much counting on this being the entertainment, as opposed to the actual carnage that will probably take place on the field. And I might bring a book as back up.

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