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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eliza's Tale

by BDaigle

I am a father. That's right, read that again. A father. ME. I am a new daddy and Melissa is a new mommy. Yesterday morning at 8:45am our first child entered the world and her name is Eliza Camille. This is her story.
We checked into our hospital at 8PM on Sunday night, hoping against hope that our new baby would not have to be induced. Melissa had been dragged around the mall for two hours earlier in the day by her sister Kim in a last ditch attempt to get things moving on their own. Upon arrival at the hospital she was 3cm dilated and about 70% effaced. Things were looking good, but Melissa was still given a mild inducement and we hoped we would not need stronger drugs, because then an epidural was almost guaranteed. At this point Melissa wasn't too thrilled because the baby had to be continuously monitored and that meant having the velcro straps around her waist that she had first encountered at the hospital in Arkansas for the checkup for the ride home from Gustave. To say she loathed those straps is an understatement, but continuous monitoring is the rule when you're induced and the only way to keep the monitors on the belly is with straps. Things dragged from 9pm until about 2am and then Melissa's water broke. Things then began to progress. By 4am, she was about 5-6cm dilated. The contractions were rough, but Melissa was faring well. About this time the nurse hooked up another IV drip and we assumed it was because the first one was running out. About 20 minutes later then contractions started coming much faster and stronger with very little time in between and we thought they had really taken off for the amount she was dilated. After some investigation it was revealed the second IV was stronger inducing drugs that the nurse had hooked up with the fear that Melissa's doctor would feel she was not progressing enough and order an epidural or start thinking C-section. We informed the nurse, this was not cool and Melissa didn't want the stronger drugs and Melissa would let her know if and when Melissa did want them. With the drip stopped, the contractions became much more manageable again for Melissa, but she continued to dilate to 8cm by 7am and 80% effaced. About this time Melissa's doctor showed up and was VERY impressed to say the least. HELL, everyone was impressed. Then about 7:45, Eliza got tired of waiting and let Melissa know it was time to start pushing and doesn't get fuzzy or hard to remember, but the simplest way to put it is that my wife is Superwoman. Or as Katy said later, "The woman was made to have a baby!" Melissa pushed out our 7.5 lb, foot & half long, baby girl without an epidural or any other pain killers. That's drugs. Old school. The way they did it back in the day. Or as Melissa says, she could have just had it out in a 'cane field somewhere. I am RIDICULOUSLY proud of her. I am in TOTAL awe of her. And frankly I'm a little scared, because how do you tell the woman who gave birth to your first child, with no pain killer or artificial assistance, no? I mean, really? She was joking about how a Rolex would suffice as a nice gift and I am looking for the lowest interest rate loans I can find. It's just ridiculous if you think about it for too long. Thankfully, I am so sleep deprived I can't think straight for more than two minutes. Remember that when reading this entry. Now, on to Katy's favorite part of a blog, the photo essay!

After Melissa vocally accosted the doctor to find out the sex of our first child because he had forgotten we didn't know it beforehand, we had a baby girl...Eliza Camille. To use one of Melissa's favorite expressions this would be a picture of Eliza "fresh outta the slammer".

I couldn't get over how curious and wide open Eliza's eyes were from the moment she arrived. I know that a lot of newborns eyes are like that and why they are like that but the girl was looking around while only her head had made it out. I'm pretty sure this means I am in for a lifetime of trouble.

Eliza doesn't really like it when you try and recreate, "the slammer."

Awww, cher. Look! Its my girl and my baby girl. Yes, I am that cheesy.

These are the kind of delerious happy smiles you get after 24 hours of no sleep & 7.5 hours of labor. We could have run a marathon or passed out at that moment.

Like her mom who wants to be famous, Eliza stopped for the paparazzi in her limo on the way to the nursery.

The paparazzi...I mean Melissa's immediate family, grandmother, aunt, cousins, and best friend. Oh, did I forget to mention this is the first grandchild for Melissa's parents? Its kind of hard to tell in this picture how excited they are. I hope you people appreciate how I keep it real, because I will be reprimanded later.

I know this is absolutely narcissistic and obnoxious, but damn is our daughter the cutest ever or what?!

Melissa has an Uncle Joey and his family always had a stork they shared when he and his brothers had kids. Melissa always loved that idea. When we got home we had our very own surprise stork in the yard. If you look really hard (or blow the picture up by clicking on it) it looks as if Eliza is looking up at it with an expression that says, "I remember you!!!" (Forgive my trashy-looking yard. I haven't had time to clean up from Gustave yet.)

Now what are the chances of just having your own baby and then coming home to find someone has left another one on your doorstep? God has a cruel sense of humor sometimes I tell ya.

Eliza (now officially a day old) breaks in her new home with a serious nap. All of her naps are serious. Naps are serious business for babies.

Those are the highlights from Eliza's first day. For more pictures from her first day, check out my albums at Flickr & Photobucket:

Tomorrow, I will try to post video from Eliza's first day provided I get some sleep and can remember how to make my camera work with my laptop. Thank you to everyone for the good thoughts, wishes, and heart-felt prayers. We know God has truly blessed us and our families and we are so thankful that he answered our prayers for a safe pregnancy, delivery, birth and healthy baby. More tomorrow...


CajunKate said...

OMG, my babay is so delicious! I can't wait to kidnap...uh, I mean, visit with you guys and see her in person! Letting the gorging on the cuteness of Eliza commence!

Lauren said...

She's beautiful, Burt. I'm thinking she looks a bit like a certain gorgeous cousin of yours (ahem).

I've never met Melissa, but after going through three childbirths myself, I agree she must not be mortal. I asked the anesthesiologist to marry me after Ellie's epidural!

Jen-Jen said...

Very gorgeous!!! I'm very sorry I'm not there to see her in person. Quinn and Colin sat with me and stared at their new cousin all the way through both video clips. Colin:"Das mah new cousin Eewiza Cameele, right mommy?" over and over.

I think I'm the antithesis of Melissa when it comes to being "made for having babies" and after over 25 hours of labor 14 hours of full-strength drug induced labor before allowing an epidural (and then having an emergency c-section 25 minute later anyway), I can say I'm very envious of Melissa's birthing build and strength.

I hope God wasn't trying to tell me something.