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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Update

by CajunKate

So last night was pretty worrisome until about 10:30 PM. Thankfully, although we've been under a tornado watch, there have been no warnings for our area today. The wind is still kickin' it pretty good right now, but nothing like Gustav. We haven't had much rain at all. Even last night, the storms were traveling so quickly that they didn't have time to dump much rain on us.

Mom and Dad went up to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, because they were afraid they'd lose power, and Gwen don't do September heat with no A.C. But they spoke to their neighbor this morning, and they never lost power in Prudhomme City, so they're planning to head back today.

The weather is supposed to be okay tomorrow; therefore, the plan, barring any changes in the weather forecast, is for us (me, Mom, and Dad) to head over to NOLA tomorrow so I can FINALLY get my Baby Zah-Zah nom-nom fest on! Yay! (Oh, just a warning. TONS of pics if the plan comes to fruition.)

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