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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Day After

by CajunKate

So here's the update on what is going on with everyone as of now, one day after the eye of Gustav passed through:

* Mom and Dad remain in Tyler, Texas. Byron has been out to their house. They have only one huge oak down, but no power. Byron hooked the freezer up to a generator.

* Byron's place in Grand Coteau is fine, just some debris in the yard. He has no power, though.

* Ted and Molly's home is fine. They have 2 trees down, but none near the house. They have electricity and are on the way back home from Tyler, Texas, right now. They should arrive sometime late this afternoon.

* Alex and I have no damage and hardly any debris. We never lost power. (Let that be a lesson to all of you about the power of Merlot!)

* Charlie and Aimee and the kids are okay. Baton Rouge got hit really hard, but they only suffered a bit of roof damage. However, they are getting slammed by torrential rain from a spiral that just will not move off of them. It's been training across BR all day non-stop. I think flooding in some areas is becoming a concern.

* Burt and Melissa's home in Lakeview should be fine. Of course, no one has actually seen it yet, but we all know that the levees in NOLA (they are most concerned with the 17th Street Canal since that is the one that gave way and flooded Lakeview during Katrina) have held so far and should hold. Burt and Melissa are still in Conway, Arkansas. They were trying to get a doctor to check Melissa today and let her know when/if she should travel. As we all know, TODAY is her due date. They are unsure as to what they will do and are staying in Conway for now. They may come down to Lafayette and stay with us until NOLA reopens. Melissa has already contacted her old OB/GYN here in Lafayette, and he has agreed to be her doctor.

That's all for now!

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