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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Breaking Baby Daigle News!

by CajunKate

So I should probably let BDaigle blog this, but I am too excited to wait. I just got off of the phone with Sista who informed me that she went to see her doctor in New Orleans today, and she is 2cm dilated! Her doctor told her that if she does not go into labor on her own, he will admit her to the hospital on Sunday night and induce her on Monday morning, which means by Monday afternoon, I will finally have my, BDaigle and Sista will finally have their babay! Yay! I will keep everyone posted via blog, of course.

Oh, and after the doctor's appointment they went by their house in Lakeview and the power is back on, so they will finally be able to sleep in their own bed for the first time in a week. Good news all around!


Laureneer said...

This won't please Melissa, but I'm hoping she holds out until Monday. Then Baby Daigle will share a birthday with my Ellie. Easier for Mom-Mom to remember!

CajunKate said...

@Lauren- Oh, cousins sharing birthdays! That be too cool!