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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Day After the Day After Gustav

by CajunKate

So these are the top five things I learned today:
1. BDaigle, Sista and MY their baby are headed down to Mandeville. They will stay at Sista's parents' home there. They have power....
2. Which is more than I can say for the Baton Rouge Daigles who may be without power for anywhere from one to three weeks. Aimee and Charlie have shipped their children off to Uncle Ted and Aunt Molly's house (where having seven kids around all day long may slowly drive Molly around the bend...just a hunch.)
3. Gustav needs to get the f**k out of here already because...
4. Tornado warnings are scary and also will keep you trapped at your friends' home in Broussard for five hours when really all you wanted to do was have a nice lunch with them.
and finally...
5. The Mayor knows how to send text messages. Yeah, chew on that!

1 comment:

Jen-Jen said...

#5 = ROFLMAO!! Showed Tim who was also LHAO and is probably texting away to The Mayor at this very moment.