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Friday, September 5, 2008

Where You Be After Dat Gustav, Cher?

by CajunKate

So everyone who had been scattered by the winds of Gustav will finally be home as of this afternoon. The 'rents finally got power back at the Daigle Manse in Prudhomme City. The First Lady, proving her overwhelming intelligence once again, refused to come home until her AC was back on. Dat's one smart lady, cher!

As far as I know, the BR Daigles are still without power, but I did not speak with them yesterday. Byron is still without power in Grand Coteau, but he stayed at Mom and Dad's last night. The previous two nights, he was here in Lafayette with me. Other than that, everyone is home and fine with electricity restored.

This is not the end of this post, however. I do have a rant an opinion regarding the NOLA hurricane evacuation, and since this is my blog, I will rant opine away. Already there has been a chorus from quite a few NOLAites complaining about being forced into evacuating when it wasn't really necessary. I've read the theories of people claiming that it was all a big conspiracy to get Ray-Ray Nagin back into America's good graces. Dude, who the f**k cares? If you live in NOLA, you should have evacuated. Period. Better safe than sorry. Yeah, it turned out to be for no reason. Yeah, it's a serious pain in the ass. I get it. But it's better than clinging to a roof and waiting for the Coast Guard to rescue you. No one knew where that storm was headed. And let's face it, if it had been a direct hit on NOLA, there's no doubt in my mind that levees would have given way again, Cat 2 or not. Those things aren't ready for another storm. As much as we would like to delude ourselves into believing that NOLA surviving Hurricane Gustav was some great measure of success, that is some straight up bulls**t. NOLA is only marginally better off levee-wise than three years ago. SO, STFU, New Orleanians who are b***hing. At least you are alive and well to participate in your favorite pastimes- drinking, eating, partying, and b***hing.

That is all.

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