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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eliza's First Day Video

by BDaigle

Here is the video of Eliza's first day that I promised in yesterday's post. I had to split the video up into 2 parts because I couldn't edit it down into less than 10 minutes. This is not a documentary by any stretch of the imagination and it doesn't cover the whole day. It just covers from me announcing her birth to her first bath in the nursery. Yet, it still adds up to almost 20 minutes. She spent the rest of the day doing what newborn babies (and Fos' & Daigles) love to do....SLEEP! Now I could watch 24 hr coverage of that, but it gets old after awhile when the kid's not yours. All the video you will see was graciously shot by Aunt Michelle with my camcorder. A very big thank you to Aunt Michelle for being our videographer.

Now a very important announcement.


The videos you are about to see contain live audio from a very excited family with its first grandchild. Their reactions, comments, and accents may induce hysterical laughter, quizzical looks, and total befuddlement. Those viewers who may be especially succeptible to vocalizing their reactions may want to watch with the door closed.

Eliza's First Day Pt. I

Eliza's First Day Pt. II

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