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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Picture This

by CajunKate

So last week I went out to Molly and Ted's house to take some portraits of the boys. Somehow, Molly had come to believe that I had the ability to take portraits of her kids. No, not pictures. Pictures I am perfectly capable of. She wanted portraits. Like "Hey, let me hang these magnificent framed photos on my wall so that every person walking in will see them!" Yeah, PORTRAITS.

The poses and expressions of the kids were great. Most of my models were very, very well-behaved and pliable. Max was more than willing. He also made a fantastic assistant. He kept an eye on everything I shot. He made helpful suggestions like, "I think a little higher with the tripod," and "Oh, hurry! Get her while her arms are like that!" He's got a good eye. Gabe was complacent. It was obviously not his favorite thing in the world, but, hey, he was willing to play along. Sam steadfastly observed his brothers pose and preen and then, when it was his turn, he had the whole thing down pat. He knew exactly what to do. Much like me, his godmother, he seems to thrive on rules and direction in the sense of "If you tell me exactly what to do and how to do it, I will do my very best to get you the results you so desire." But John Thomas. Oh, John Thomas was NOT feeling it that day. He didn't want to pose or smile or have any part of that ridiculousness. Mary Grace just needed to be distracted by her brothers bouncing around behind me singing a little ditty dedicated to her. I have no idea who came up with the song, but she loves it. It makes her smile and giggle and clap her hands. Being a crazed picture snapping auntie, I even hung around afterward and snapped photo after photo of them eating lunch. Like these two pics:

I shall call this "Gabe and the See Food Diet."

And I shall call this "Oh, sure, NOW he cooperates!"

Needless to say, I managed to screw things up on my first attempt. I decided to get fancy with my camera and try all kinds of new settings, and quality-wise the pictures came out absolutely awful . The models, barring JT, were easy to work with and oh so professional, it was the photos themselves that sucked. I had to call Molly and break the news to her and beg her to give me another chance.

So yesterday I headed back to their place and tried again. However, I now realized that I would need some stealthy maneuvering to outwit John Thomas and procure for myself a more malleable model. Since the only method of child rearing with which I am familiar is bribery, I stopped off at Rite Aid and picked up four M&M candy containers with fans attached to them. They looked like this, but without the Easter motif.

Immediately upon my arrival, I let all the boys know that, if they behaved and were very good models, they would receive a treat. They were all properly excited by this news, but John Thomas in particular, much to my delight, responded quite well to my underhanded techniques. I ended up getting some really good shots. Like these:

Group shot




John Thomas

Mary Grace

And when we were all done and I was packing things up to leave, Sam said, "Aren't you going to stay and take pictures of us eating?!?" And so, my peeps, it appears I have finally achieved full indoctrination, and my nephews have come to terms with and accepted me as the crazy paparazzi aunt. Life is good!

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