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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crazy much?

by Cajun Kate

So I may have left Columbus, but Columbus refuses to be forgotten! Last night, while lolling around in bed like "The Beached Whale That Ate Columbus", I happened to be flipping through channels and paused on the first episode of the new season of Project Runway. They were introducing all the new designers when this one chick started talking about how she owns her own boutique. I was all yeah, whatever, until they threw up a picture of the storefront. And I lurched straight up in bed (not an easy task for a beached whale) and was all, "Heeeeeeyyyyy! I know that place! That place is in Columbus on High Street!" Sure enough, the chick, Kelli Martin, turned out to be from Columbus, and Black Market is the name of her boutique. I saw it when we were driving down to Jack and Benny's, which is also on High Street. (High Street is like Jefferson Street in Lafayette. Lots of cool restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, etc. )

Anyway, when I saw Black Market, I thought,
Man, that place looks cool! I wish we could walk down here and visit some of these places. I'd definitely like to go in there. Which is why last night I was all banging on my head and screaming, "D***it! I was right there! I could have met a pseudo-celebrity!" Until Alex was all, "Oh my God! You know you are insane, right?" And I was all, "And your point is? Let's keep it real here, mister. YOU decided to marry me. So, I ask you, who's crazier? The crazy person OR the dude who decides to marry the crazy person?" Then I rolled over and smirked in private victory celebrating the fact that I had proven that...we are both insane. Wait? What?

In other incredibly boring exciting news, my new obsession with
Good Times, the classic 1970s TV show, reached its zenith when, upon my return from Columbus, I watched ten episodes in a row on Tivo then promptly downloaded the theme song as my new ringtone. You remember the theme song, right?

To quote J.J. Walker, that ringtone is
Then I texted Byron to let him know that I had downloaded the ringtone. It seemed to be the right thing to do since I had tortured him the whole way up to and back from Columbus with episode recaps and really off-key singing of the theme song at the top of my lungs at regular intervals. See, I like to spread my crazy around evenly. Why should only Alex suffer when there are sooooo many others I can slowly drive around the bend, too? That's a warning to Seth. San Francisco in three weeks, buddy! You still have time to move.

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Jen-Jen said...

I remember seeing that boutique on the way to Jack and Benny's!! The name and window displays caught my attention. I almost suggested we check it out. I gotta learn to go with my gut sometimes.