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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Columbus Day One: Gluttony and Leg Cramps

by CajunKate

So, we made it to the heart of the Midwest! Hot diggity doggity and two lumps of sugar for humidity and temperature levels below 95. Oh glorious, Midwest! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...okay, well, really there's only the weather thing and the fact that my two scrumpdillyicious nephews happen to live here. Oh, yeah, and their parents, too.

The trip up from Louisiana was completely uneventful, so we'll skip all that. We got to Columbus really late on Monday and spent maybe an hour at Jen and Tim's, where the boys had already gone to bed (Boo! Hiss!), before heading to the hotel. (Shout out, Holiday Inn Express! I love your cinnamon rolls!) On Tuesday, Byron and I slept in then headed over to Tim and Jen's. We all went to lunch at a joint called Roosters, and their friend Paul met up with us there. Roosters is known for their wings. They did not disappoint, seeing as how I stuffed myself without about ten pounds of them, plus an order of something they call Dumpster Fries, plus a salad...what?!? Did I actually say salad? Yes, I did, but I think I managed to effectively counteract its healthy effects with the ten pounds of fried chicken wings.

While we were eating I began to ponder, out loud, just how hot their sauces are. We had gotten the "Hot", and it wasn't that bad. Paul ordered a tiny cup of the "Killer" sauce, which is the second hottest offered and which Paul assured me would cause spontaneous combustion in my mouth. Needless to say, I dipped my wing quite tentatively into it and tasted it with Paul watching me expectantly waiting for my head to explode. After that first dip and taste, I realized that while, yeah, it was definitely hot, it wasn't sinus-exploding hot. Me digging in and not screaming for water while thrashing on the table inspired Byron to try it and then Jen. We all agreed it was yummy hot while Paul cracked up and said, "Dude! You Cajuns are raised with hot sauce in your bottles, I think!"

Later that afternoon, I finally got to see MY ( yes, MY!) nephews who were SO excited to see us. Quinn immediately recruited me to "Come look at my toys!" which I did. We also played "Waterhorse" which involved me throwing the "waterhorse" (a kid) "into the ocean" (onto the couch). Then we played "music" (banged on pots with spoons) and "sang" (yelled nonsense at the top of our lungs). Then we played "airplane," which involved them laying across my feet and hoisting them into the air... NINE THOUSAND times in a row. My legs were screaming for mercy, but at least I may have worked off
a chicken wing. The culmination of the night was playing "MONSTER!" in which I hid behind doors, in closets, etc. while Colin and Quinn hunted for me, and I would jump out and growl ferociously while they screamed like banshees and went running in the other direction while I quickly found a new hiding spot and the cycle continued. So, yeah, basically I turned the evening into every parent's nightmare. As you can see, how it works is I whip the kids into a frenzy, they scream and cause general chaos, then I leave the parents to mop up. THIS is why I have no children, people.

I must give Jen credit because she did actually manage to get them calmed down and into bed. Both Colin and Quinn came around to say good night and give kisses. Colin looked at me with his big blue eyes and said "Bye-bye, Nanny Kake. I hope I sees you again soon." At which point, I devoured him whole. Ack! The cuteness!

Then Jen made shrimp po-boys and onion rings that were OH MY GOD! delicious. Then she forced me to eat a homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich which made me go into the light of pure food bliss.

So to recap Day One- stuff face, play with adorable nephews, eat up the cuteness that is nephews with hugs and kisses, stuff face. Ahhhh! THIS is the life, peeps!

More late tonight or tomorrow! Pics below (HA! Gotcha! You thought you were getting away with no pics!)

OY! The Cuteness that is Colin.

I shall call this "Chowhound Colin Interrupted."

Check out the Cajuns jersey. Niiiice! (Courtesy of Nanny Kate, naturally!)

MUST DEVOUR the cuteness! 'Tis Quinn!

Check out the Cajuns jersey. Niiiice! (Courtesy of Nanny Kate, naturally!)

Ah, summer! Quinn partaking in the rolling in the grass summer ritual of kids everywhere.

Wrasslin'! Colin started it!

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The Mayor said...

Sounds like you have everything going the way you want it to go.
Love the jerseys. Nanny Kate is raising those chirren right!! Can you say Geaux Cajuns?

How is Uncle Bydee susrviving?