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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ack! Attack of the Green Gene Cuteness!

by CajunKate

So the other day, after I posted the pic of Mary Grace, Lauren sent me some pics of her three GORGEOUS children along with an email reading:

You're welcome to boast about the cuteness of your cousins, too.... HA HA!

And I so will! The pictures she sent clearly show that, not only did I miss out on the best of the Daigle genes, I did not get one ounce of awesome Green genetic material.

I have yet to meet her youngest, but her two older girls are just the sweetest, yummiest delights EVER. When I visited three years ago Annie, the second oldest, would sit on my lap and have me read her book after book after book. Loved it! She stole my heart. Now, I just need to get back up there soon so I can gobble up all that baby Green gene cuteness. Take a look and tell me you can resist the urge to devour this :

And these girls? OMG, totally edible.

Be warned, Lauren and Chris. One day I will come and eat them up with hugs and kisses...and maybe kidnap them. In that case, I would allow you some visitation. I can be generous like that. That may be the only thing I can credit to my Green DNA.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Gracious, those are some gorgeous children! DEFINITELY Green genes...not a speck of Hyde DNA to be seen!

Thanks for the kind words. The girls LOVED you and ask me all the time when you will be returning.

Although, I must admit, you have some stiff competition in Queen Emily. They are STILL talking about her. Ellie cried when she left.