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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Columbus Day Two: More Gluttony and Chicken Feet Sighting

by CajunKate

So yesterday was our second day in Columbus. Let me just say that we got a late start. Jen and Tim had to text us to get our a**es moving. Whoops! And in the process of rushing to get out the door, I forgot my camera! I am an idiot, and you are very lucky as you will only be subjected to a handful of crappy cell phone pics...this time! Do not get used to this state of affairs. Pictures WILL be in abundance for Day Three's post. Just a warning.

But what better way to start off the day than by gorging at Jack and Benny's, my all time favorite breakfast spot in Columbus? (There are two things that are
MUST HAVES any time I visit Columbus- breakfast at Jack and Benny's and a cream puff from Schmidt's. Friday has all ready been set aside to fulfill my Schmidt's cream puff obsession.) Please do not be under the impression that we were actually at Jack and Benny's before noon. We were not, so we'll classify this meal as brunch. I had the Jack's Dad which I chose because it includes corned beef hash. I'd never eaten corned beef hash before, and it was delish! Also, Tim ordered a Buckeye Pancake, a pancake with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. I am not ashamed to admit that I ate half of it and did a happy dance using my fork as a prop.

After brunch, we went down to North Market. North Market is a very cool place that has all sorts of food and restaurant booths and a few booths with cookware, jewelry, and whatnot. On weekends, they have a ginormous farmers market, and they're always hosting different special events, like this weekend is a wine and cheese tasting event that I very much wish I could attend. I mean, c'mon, wine and cheese? Hello?!? That has my name all over it. Anyway, North Market is another place that I always love to visit. Walking through the market I stopped to peruse the butcher booth, and lo and behold, what do I see?

Organic or not, they still look like hideous baby alien feet. Yum-yum, huh?

Despite the fact that we had just plowed through a mountain of breakfast food, Byron, Jen, and I all got an ice cream cone. Well, Jen and I shared a cone. Now, I know what you're thinking.
How could you? Are you freaking kidding me with the non-stop eating? This was the same sentiment we heard from Tim to which we just shrugged our shoulders, and Byron replied, "Dude, we're Daigles. This is what we were bred for." And, in our defense, Jeni's, the ice cream place at North Market is just...I mean, you dream about this ice cream after you've had it. It's that good. And they have the most far out flavors that sound so weird, but they are so incredibly delightful.
Bydee with Jeni's Ice Cream (please disregard goofball face- he is sooooo uncooperative as a model)

After ice cream, I was perusing the free salsa samples at one booth, and I guess I was feeling pretty invincible after quite handily surviving the Killer sauce yesterday, so I decided to try the "Stupid Hot" salsa verde at this booth. Five seconds after it hit my tongue, my entire brain exploded with an emergency message-
MISTAKE! MISTAKE! ABORT! ABORT! But I didn't want to look like a fool, so I sucked it up and stood there with my mouth ON FIRE! and my eyes watering. As soon as I got my leaky nose somewhat under control, I bolted to the nearest booth with water. And OH MY GOD! my mouth did not completely stop burning until forty-five minutes later. This proves, once again, that I am an idiot. I like the way God throws these little travails at me just to remind me of that fact every once in a while.

After North Market, Byron and I went back to the hotel to chill, and I made a run to Best Buy to get a car charger for my cell phone because I had forgotten mine (idiot again!). We headed back to Jen and Tim's and spent time with Colin and Quinn playing chase and giving piggy back rides. Also, we watched the cartoon movie
Scamper the Penguin which...dude, I cannot even begin to explain how frighteningly bad it was. Of course, Colin and Quinn looooooved it. Also, I chased them around hugging and kissing them until Jen whisked them off to bed and a reprieve from their cuteness devouring aunt.

After Colin and Quinn went to bed, Jen and I drove over to a place called Papa Murphy's to pick up a take and bake stuffed pizza, and I am convinced that Lafayette
MUST get a Papa Murphy's. Holy cow! It was so freakin' good! It had five pounds of meat and cheese in it. I could only eat one slice and even if I hadn't eaten like a pig all day, I still don't think I could have eaten more than one. Byron could only manage one and a half slices.

So to recap Day Two- gorge, gorge more, reunite with chicken feet, eat up the cutest nephews in the world, and gorge some more. If I continue at this gluttonous pace, I am convinced that I will actually be able to hear cellulite accumulating on my thighs. Tomorrow, SALAD!

More tomorrow...with
LOTS AND LOTS of PICTURES! Be afraid! For today, I leave you with a classic shot of the most uncooperative model of all time:

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The Mayor said...

Your post leaves me with a few questions:
1- Wasn't this odyssey billed as a nephew loving extravaganza?
2- $2.99 for a pound of chicken feet. How many chicen feet make up a pound?
3- Bydee could only eat one and a half slices of Pappa Murphy's pizza? What size oven is required to cook that thing?
4- How much stomach soothing medicine have you consumed?