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Monday, July 14, 2008

Columbus Day Five: Gluttony Schmuttony (or Just Give Up Already) and Bye-Byes (or Noooooooooooo!)

by Cajun Kate
(*ed. note: Though I did write this while in Columbus, I did not post it until I got home because Bydee's car sucks and does not have an internet connection.)

So on Day Five, our last day (BOOOO! and HIIISSSSS!), following the previous very late night, Byron and I finally roused ourselves around noon, and I forced Byron to take me to lunch at Red Robin. We do not have Red Robins in Louisiana, but Alex and I always see the commercials, and we have wanted to go to one forever. Perfect chance to harass Alex. I immediately took a pic of the Red Robin sign and text messaged him with the pic and the word “Jealous?” Then I took a pic of my burger and texted him “Red Robin! Yummmmmm!” HA! I’m such a b***h!

After our lunch, we went over to Jen and Tim’s. We had planned to go to the creek side in Olde Town Gahanna, but the weather was not cooperating. There were scattered storms, so we just stayed home and played outside with the boys. I took a lot more video on this day than pics, but here are a few:

Just before bedtime, Bydee and I took some pics with the boys.

Bedtime was the worst for Nanny Kate. Thankfully, the boys must have become accustomed to seeing us, so they did not ask us if we would be there the next day. If they had asked me that, I might have burst into tears. As it was, I had a hard time holding it together. I even peeked my head into their room one last time to say good night and tell them I loved them. Ugh! I did not want to leave those boys! Next time, I am just going to kidnap them. That’s all there is to it. Say goodbye to your children next year, Jen and Tim! Hey, you can always visit them in Louisiana.

Tim fired up the grill for ribs and sweet corn which we ate after the boys went to bed.

While we waited for Tim to finish up the food, we took some more family pics.

Then it was time for the final gluttony... and to figure out some place that was still open in Gahanna so I could pick up that muumuu for the ride home. Take a look at this deliciousness.

This corn was just OH MY GOD delicious. Check out the melted butter to slather on it and parmesan to roll it in. Heaven! I was in heaven!

The goodbyes with Jen and Tim much later that night were just as hard as the earlier ones with the boys. In fact, come to think of it, next year I am going to kidnap Jen, too. Say goodbye to your wife and kids next year, Tim! You can come visit them, though. Aren’t I so generous?

All in all, this trip was the best (minus the ten pounds of new cellulite on my thighs). We got to spend so much time with everyone, and Jen and Tim were so generous. Most importantly, we made some great memories. Now I’m off to begin formulating those kidnapping plans. Oh, and “The Colin and Quinn Video Extravaganza” will be coming soon!

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Aimee said...

I know, I know, I know...these boys are downright edible!!!!!! I will fight you for them Nanny Kate!!!! Emily too!