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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (or I Was in San Francisco, and You Weren't! HA!)

by Cajun Kate
So, hello there, my peeps! Ready for fun and hilarious vacay recaps? Then why the hell did you come here? Ha! Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee! Oh, I kill me!
Anyway, it’s been a while since the vacay (two whole days!) and, as we are all well aware, I suffer from CRS Disease (Can’t Remember S**t) so most of the recaps will be heavy on the photos and light on the descriptive narrative. Also, I will post each day separately so that you realize exactly how long I was in the glorious NoCal (Northern California) and are properly envious and seething with intense jealousy. You see, it helps to boost my self-esteem so much when you’re in such a state. Got all that? Great!
Let’s begin with the day I actually departed from Lafayette, which was Tuesday, August 6. I drove down to NOLA to spend the night with Burt, Melissa, and unborn baby because I love them so much and wanted to see them all one last time in case I died in an earthquake while in the Land of Fruits and Nuts (otherwise known as California). Also, I needed someone to drive me to the airport at 6:30 AM on Wednesday to catch my flight and who better to awaken at that ungodly hour and force to serve as taxi driver than a very, very pregnant sister-in-law? (I’m nothing if not considerate.)
Moving on, I got down to NOLA at about 2:00 PM and treated Melissa to her birthday lunch at…uh, I can’t remember the name of the place, but the pastrami and corned beef sandwich I had, along with a glass of Cabernet, was delicious. Then I forced Melissa to take me shopping for pants. She brought me to Old Navy where I found the perfect pair on sale for $12.99, but when I got to the register they rang up for a mere $7.60! I would thank Old Navy, but I am pretty sure those pants were made from the tears of the one-armed, blind Burmese children who created them and that makes me feel like a really bad person for buying them, but still… eight dollar pants?!? Hollah!
After that we went to Marshall’s where I picked up some socks. Then we went back to Chez Daigle in Lakeview and chilled out. A neighbor showed up at the door to remind Melissa about the “Take Back the Night” block party that was going to take place right in front of Chez Daigle in just a few hours. This was nice except for the fact that Melissa had no clue what she was talking about, and the lady was all “Oh, we don’t have your email! Hmmm…. oh, and you weren’t living here last year! Hmmm...”
Then Melissa’s sister Kim and her brother-in-law Russell stopped by, along with their crazy a** dog Berkley, to drop off a birthday present to Melissa, and we all visited for a while, which was really great since I don’t get to see them very often and, as I have pointed out before, Melissa’s fam is full of fantastic people.
Finally, BDaigle got home from work, and we decided to eat at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, which was great, except we got to be the a**holes who were too good for the block party and got into the car in front of the entire neighborhood and took the f**k off. But it was worth it because the fried mushroom ravioli, caprese salad, and my roasted garlic, spinach, feta, and sundried tomato pizza washed down with Chianti were all delectable. Now, you may ask yourself, This b***h can’t remember what happened on her vacay, but she can remember exactly what she ate eight days ago? I have no reasonable answer for your conundrum except to say that I am a giant pig who’s obsessed with food. Sooooo….
After that we all sat around in a food coma at Chez Daigle yakking and jawing until someone said we should go to bed which we did. And then the next thing I knew it was 6:45 AM, and I was standing curbside at the NOLA airport in a steaming hot, swamp water stew of humidity when it hit me that in less than six hours I would be wearing a jacket…in August. And I began to quietly weep tears of joy and thanked the Baby Jesus a million times over for making this trip possible. Oh, and that Alex guy, too.
Next up, Day 1 in The City by the Bay!

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