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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here's Da Update...uh, Nate!

by CajunKate

So, really the only change since yesterday is that BDaigle, Sista, and Baby Daigle ended up leaving for Conway, Arkansas, at 3:00 AM today (Sunday) to bunk with Sista's family.

Mom, Dad, Ted, Molly, and all the kiddos are up in Tyler, Texas.

Byron is still going to Church Point and Alex and I are still remianing here in Lafayette.

Right now, it looks like the storm will hit the coast as a low CAT 4. By the time it reaches Lafayette, it will be a CAT 2, which we've been through before with Hurricane Lili about six years ago. Also, as of now, Lafayette would be on the west side, the weaker side, of the storm. I am hoping that this track and forecast holds. Barring the dream of the storm falling apart and not even coming ashore, I'd be happy with the west side of a CAT 2. Well, not happy, but I can definitely think of far worse scenarios.

Anyway, we'll keep posting until the electricity goes out. The only people no electricity is good for is you guys because, seriously, nobody wants to be exposed to the ineveitable rage-aholic postings I'd type up while sitting in a 90 degree house in 95% humidity. Trust.

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