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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Gustav

by CajunKate

So this is my open letter to the menace currently brewing in the Caribbean and possibly heading to the Gulf of Mexico.

(Projected Path courtesy of NOAA)

Dear Tropical Storm Gustav,
Please stay the f**k away from Louisiana. You will NOT f**k with the possible birth of my BDaigle and Sista's new babay. Are we clear?

With much animosity,

P.S. I heard Texas would love to have you.


Sarah said...

We in Central Texas would gladly take Gustav, as our lakes have recently turned into mud baths, and the holiday weekend is fast approaching. I can stand a few rainy days with no bike ride to ensure the safety and security of those involved in the BDaigle and Sista delivery!

CajunKate said...

So, if Gustav shows up, you're willing to have us all as houseguests and give us all Pringles and wine we can stand then? And by us, I mean me. :)

Sarah said...

Sure! Ill have a big moon-shine jug of white zin and a bag of cheese paws and itll be just like old times, when I used to have to drive cathy home!
Hope you like cats, though...

CajunKate said...

Ah, yes, the memories! I do like cats. I have one. Even better, after a couple of glasses of wine, I looove cats. ;)