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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Update

by CajunKate

So the Zandinator and I decided to head out and see if Sonic was open so we could get an ice cream treat but alas, Sonic, and just about everything else, was closed up tighter than a gnat's ass.  

What was open?  Well, Backyard Burgers had a line out to Amabassador Caffery, and Albertson's had a  few cars in its lot. The BP and ShopRite on West Congress were open with a few peeps in line for gas.  And, of course, our neighborhood Chinese buffet Lotus Garden was open with plywood at the ready, which I assume will be tacked up as soon as the last of the fried rice is sold.

But traffic on Johnston Street, the main drag, shows what a ghost town Lafayette is at 6:00 PM on this particular Sunday:

And many, many homes and businesses are sporting this look:

And although the weather in Lafayette looked like this at 6:00 PM:

At the Mottram hovel, I have implemented my own Hurricane Gustav plan:

And so tonight, this is my own little piece of advice to those other non-evacuees who are hunkered down in south Louisiana and to all those family members who are nibbling on fingernails throughout the great U. S. A. , worrying about those of us who are so hunkered: "When Mother Nature gives you hurricanes, invest in Merlot."  

Updates will continue until LUS (Lafayette Utility Systems) craps out on us.


Caitlin said...

Just found your blog and had to say I am hunkered down here as well. Let's hope the city will be okay. And I'll have to make sure our beer gets consumed before it goes bad.

Laureneer said...

We ARE worried. I've been reading all the updates...if they stop, I'll be MORE worried. Ted has Chris's cell # and said he would text. You do the same. I'm emailing the number.

Love you guys! Be safe...

CajunKate said...

Caitlin: You guys stay safe...and drink a beer for me!

Lauren: We love you, too. I am positive that we will be fine. We've been through this before, and got no water or wind damage to our home. We're hoping for a repeat of that.