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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here's Da Plan, Stan

by CajunKate

So BDaigle, Sista, and Baby Daigle arrived last night. The tentative plan is for them to head to Tyler, Texas, on Sunday, depending on what Gustav does.

Ted, Molly, the kids, Mom and Dad are heading for Tyler on Sunday morning at 5:30 AM.

Byron is staying and bunking down with a friend in Church Point.

Alex and I are staying and plan to head to his parents' home in Slidell, even though
Alex's parents are leaving this afternoon (Saturday) for northern Alabama. We will leave only if it looks like Gustav will be a CAT 4 and headed directly at Lafayette. If it is lower than a CAT 4, then we plan on staying in Lafayette. This is a decision that will be made late Sunday or very early Monday.

Aimee and Charlie Roy have plans to evacuate Baton Rouge to northern Mississippi where Aimee has family. I assume they are going to remain in Baton Rouge as long as the track stays consistent with Gustav drifting on a steadily westward track.

Those are the plans for now. I'll be updating as things progress.

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