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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Columbus Day Two: Finding Uncle Felix

by Cajun Kate

So Day Two started off at 6:30 AM with a text from Alex letting me know he had missed his flight. At first I thought he was just being Alex and messin’ around with me, and I was all, “Ha! Ha! You’re funnay!” and he was all, “Uh, dude. I’m serious.” I immediately called him to find out what was going on. He had apparently gotten to the airport 45 minutes before his flight, thinking this was plenty of time to get on his flight in the rinky-dink Lafayette airport, but there was a huge church group departing for some convention, and he couldn’t get through security quickly enough to make his flight. Ugh. So instead of arriving at 10:35 AM, he would arrive at 5:40 PM. Ugh.

After our chat, Mrs. Anxiety here, could not go back to sleep. So at 6:30 AM I set about taking care of all my techie stuff. I got a lot done. Emails, pictures, blogs, tweets, etc. At 10:15, I called Alex to make sure he was awake and ready to head to the airport. His flight was leaving at 11:50. He was in line to get a haircut. Are you serious?!?!? But Zandy “I Fly by the Seat of My Pants” Mottram did actually make it to the airport and onto his flight. WHEW!

After I had been assured that he was on the plane, Bydee and I headed over to Jen and Tim’s and we decided to go to Creekside Diner for lunch. It was absolutely delicious. You may have seen my live blog of my Reuben sandwich, but I think we’d all like to see it again, right? Right!

Mmmmmmmm, teh heavenly sandwich!

Lunch with Bydee

Lunch with Tim

Lunch with Jen

After lunch we went back to the house, and Jen and I sat around visiting. Tim and Bydee took naps. Jen told a story that revealed my indoctrination of the nephews into iPhone obsession is almost complete.

At daycare, Miss Diane, the boys’ sitter, had misplaced some money and she asked Quinn if he had seen it. He said no. She teasingly asked him, “Well, Quinn, how am I supposed to find my money?” This is when Colin piped up with “There’s an app for that!” Ahahahahahahahaha! That is AWESOME!

Tim and I headed to the airport to pick up Alex at 5:15 PM. It was a smooth, quick trip there and back. Tim and Jen live 10 minutes from the airport. Very convenient.

Back at the house, Jen had picked up the boys from daycare, and they were waiting for camera and iPhone.

We all went outside to hang out and play, and Colin decided that Alex’s name was Uncle Felix. No matter how many times we tried to correct him, he would repeat Uncle Alex to us and then turn around and call him Uncle Felix. Alex got a huge kick out of this. And Alex being, he had to turn it into something sordid yet hilarious and said to me, “Babe, it’s cool. That’s my porn name.” Oh, Zandy! And later, “You can call me Felix in bed tonight.” Oh, Zandy!

The rest of the night was spent just hanging out, playing with the chirrens, and then GORGING on grilled snow crab and beer brats.

Cell phone!

Piggyback ride!

Tinker Toys!


Rooftop sitting!


About that snow crab and those brats- OH MY LORD! DEE-LISH-OUS! For reallsy.
Tim with his culinary masterpiece! Grilled crab!

Beer Brats

I thought I might start to grow an exoskeleton if I ate anymore crab, so I put down the nut crackers, and we headed back to the hotel for a deep sleep filled with dreams of Thurminators (Oh, it’s coming! Hold your horses!). For me at least. I had tried to warn Bydee about Alex’s “snoring” a.k.a. “Rafter shaking, OH DEAR GOD!, what is that?!?!? An earthmover?!?!? snoring.” My defense against this is Tylenol PM and ear plugs. Worked like a charm, as usual. Bydee did not want to take the Tylenol PM. Something about he didn’t think it was necessary to drug himself in order to get a good night’s sleep. Oh, Bydee! Must you always learn the hard way?

Stay tuned for Day 3! And Thurminator Thursday!

P.S. You can check out the full set of pics from Columbus on my Flickr. You can thank me later.

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