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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Columbus Day Seven: But I Don't Wanna Go Home Version

by CajunKate

So Day 7. Yeah. F**k Day 7! Day 7 always sucks a** at some point. The point where we have to leave and drive 15 hours back to Louisiana. That point sucks sooooooooooo much!

I can't even really write about it. Here's the brief version:

  • We went to Jen and Tim's around 9:30 AM.
  • We got in as much nephew lovin' as possible.
  • We let Jen feed us a delicious lunch.
  • We said tearful goodbyes. Really tearful. F**k, I hate that part.
And here are some pics:

My Colin! Oy, look at dat face!

My Quinn! Could he be any cuter?

My boys! I wanna steal them. For reallsy.

My cutie patootie nephews!

They loooooove their Uncle Bydee.

Quinn with his Nanny Kate Transformer

Colin in the garden

Concentration Quinn Face

Probably my fav Colin pic of the trip. That is Colin in a nutshell!

And some video that will make you want to jump through your computer monitor and inahale these precious boys:

I adore going to Columbus. I abhor leaving Columbus. The end.

P.S. The full Columbus Tour 2009 set can be found on my Flickr page.

P.P.S. There will be another Video Extravaganza this year, but it won't be as extensive since I didn't bring my video camera because I couldn't find the battery, and I kept forgetting that I have a video option on my digital camera. Basically because I am an idiot. But you already know that.

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