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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Their Bad Fan

by CajunKate

So I've been pretty neglectful in giving the Lady Cajuns softball team the props they so richly deserve. The gals are up in Oklahoma right now for the College Softball World Series. They beat LSU (in Baton Rouge!) in the regionals, and Houston (in Houston!) in the super-regionals to get there. Today they played their first game. It was against Florida, the #1 seed in the nation. Florida has lost only three games all year...oh, I'm sorry, make that FOUR as of about ten minutes ago! Yeah, that's right! The Lady Cajuns won 3-2. Naturally, the game was Tivoed, so you know what's coming shortly. That's riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Illegally uploaded video to YouTube. (I'm just gonna keep violating copyrights until someone sicks a lawyer on me.
*shrug*) Next up for the ladies either Virginia Tech or Texas A&M tomorrow night on ESPN2. Ooooooh, hey, maybe I can do one of those fun play-by-play thingies like Burt did for the Hornets a few weeks back. Only mine will have to involve wine...oh, and cheese...maybe some bread.... probably definitely some cursing...dang, this just keeps sounding better and better. It may actually happen.

UPDATE: Game highlights below!

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