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Friday, May 23, 2008

Portuguese Goodies!

by CajunKate

So today the mail carrier knocked on our door. Highly unusual, as neither Alex nor I was expecting a package. I heard Alex saying thank you, and then once the door closed, he yelled, "Oh, YEAH!" To which I replied, "What is it? What is it? Is it for ME?!?" (Now really, did you honestly expect any other response from me?) And it was for me...oh, and Alex, too.

Alex's mom and dad have been on a trip up to the Northeast, and the trip included a stop in his mom's hometown of Fall River, Massachusetts. (Sidenote: Fall River is also the town where Lizzy Borden axed her parents to death, and Alex's mom grew up in a house right down the hill from the infamous Borden house!) Alex's mom is first generation Portuguese, and Fall River is home to lots of Portuguese immigrants (the highest percentage of Portuguese Americans in the country
). Every year at Christmas, she sends us goodies from the Portuguese bakeries and butcher shops, but this year she didn't. It was strange, but what are you gonna say, right? Hey, Mom, what the hell? Why'd you stiff us on the annual Portuguese awesomeness? Not so much. Well, I guess she was just waiting until she was there in person to make the orders this year because the bakery goodies arrived today.

She sent us sweet bread, sliced raisin rolls, and Portuguese muffins. Everything is delicious, but Portuguese muffins are my favorite. They
look like English muffins, but are nothing like them in texture or taste. They're so yeasty and dense and slightly sweet. Freakin' carb out heaven! I like to toast them up and slather them with butter. Say, I bet they'd be really good with a drizzle of honey! Well, I think we've just found my mission for the weekend.

Say hello to Portuguese heaven from a box. Ooooohhh, come to Mama!

Normally, I'm a giver, but these are mine...ALL MINE!
Aw, crap...and that Alex guy's, too, I guess. Sigh. Now I know my mom said marriage was work.

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The Mayor said...

Where has your love for your Daddy gone to?? A crumb will be sufficient. Two crumbs would be better, get the drift. Right?
The First Lady, and I, visited Fall River some years back, while on my pilgrimage to Fenway Park. Nice town. Bought goodies at that same bakery. They directed us to a local eatery just up the street. Lots of local citizens were having lunch, and all of their conversation was in Portugese. I liked that they were maintaining the language. Wish we could do the same with our Cajun language.
After lunch we returned to the bakery for more buying, and I mentioned the language thing to the young lady serving us. She said that 80% of their business is conducted in Portugese! Fabulous!!
All in all, I liked the city, and their ability to give true directions to a Cajun.
Now about those goodies you received.......