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Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Pere et Mere!

by CajunKate

So today is an historic day in the history of the Daigle family. Forty-four years ago, the Mayor and the First Lady (a.k.a. Charlie and Gwen) got married. In those years, they've managed to navigate the whole for better or worse, in sickness and in health , for richer or for poorer thing. It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

Several years ago, I absconded with a bunch of slides that were sitting around gathering dust at their house. Dad was (and is) into photography, but at the beginning of their marriage, I guess slides were all the rage, so most of the family memories are on slides. Two years ago, for Father's Day, I gave Daddy a collage of four framed photos made from slides, ones he'd taken during his tours in Saglek Bay (Labrador, Canada) and parts of Asia. When I was looking through the slides selecting those pictures, I was stunned to run across some bad photos from their wedding. This was a shock because I'd never seen photos from my parents' wedding. This (the fact that I had never seen any pictures from my parents' wedding) and, also, the fact that the 'rents do not wear wedding bands (
I have no memory of my parents ever wearing them) strikes some people as odd. So today I did two things. One, I took photos of some of the few existing slides from their wedding as the slide projector (yes, I have a slide projector. I know, NERD!) displayed them on the wall. (They are abysmal and horribly blurred, but DAMN(!) look how hot and skinny Gwen is!) And, two, I gave them a call today to wish them happy anniversary and, surreptitiously, videotaped our conversation and interviewed them about their lack of wedding footage, absence of wedding bands and, finally, marital advice for others. Unfortunately, the feedback from my phone is pretty bad, but still... it manages to capture Charlie and Gwen in classic fashion. Also, I've included some of the really bad wedding pictures. Keep in mind that these are pictures of slides being displayed on a wall. Yeah, I know... seriously sad.

Anyway, happy anniversary, Momma and Daddy! I love you guys with all my heart! I know you know this because I would bet I am the only one of your sextet of children who actually called you today to wish you happy anniversary. Just remember, this is proof positive that I am the one who loves you the best so, you know, just may be time to take another look at the allotments in the will.

Really bad pic, but whoa! Skinnie minnie Gwen, huh?

Another bad blurred shot. I love it that my parents are completely unaware of the fact that pictures from this day actually exist, and are all like, "Is that weird? That we have never been able to produce a wedding photo?" Of course not! Who the hell takes pictures of major life events? Only every normal person on earth but, hey, I mean normal is SO overrated, isn't it?

Mom being walked down the aisle by her dad (our Pap-Pap). Can I just say how much I looooove that all the women are wearing hats? I love hats! Why can't hats make a comeback?

And finally, the video. Again, please excuse the horrible feedback from my phone. I know there must have been a better, more pleasant for the auditory senses way to have done this but, um, I haven't graduated to that level of nerdiness...yet.


BDaigle said...

Well the video almost made Melissa deliver baby Daigle she was laughing so hard. As for your underhanded tactics, I too called the 'rents to wish them happy anniversary. When Mom told me you had already called and asked "all sort of questions" I knew what you were up to and couldn't wait to see this post. Good job Kable and nice try. ;)

Sarah Richard said...

I love your parents!