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Sunday, May 11, 2008

E'rybody Wanna Be a Blogger, But Don't Nobody Wanna Do the Bloggin'

by CajunKate

So, I am now experiencing a unique phenomenon- people telling me stories and saying, " You should blog about THAT!" This is tricky because, well, whatever happened didn't actually happen to me. This makes it virtually impossible for me to put my patented hilarious and witty spin on it (yeah, yeah-laugh it up over there!) But I'm such a people pleaser (yeah, yeah-keep laughing it up over there!), that I just have to oblige. The first suggestion came via email from the Mayor. Since it was an email request, I am going to take the lazy way out and just reprint the email. Also, since it is quite strange, I don't think I can do it any kind of justice. The Mayor really needs his own blog just for moments like these. From Daddy:

BELIEVE IT OR NOT!! Heard some noise that sounded like it was emanating from the TV room wood stove one evening. It didn't last long. Mom heard some noise the next day. No noise for a day. Then yesterday evening while watching TV I heard it again. I grabbed a flash light, carefully cracked the side door open and saw a black eyeball peering at me. I closed the door thinking it was a rat. Slowly cracked open the door once again, got a good look at the intruder, and it was not a rat. It was a grown female Wood Duck. How in the world it managed to come down the chimney is beyond me.
I caught and retrieved the poor duck. It was exhausted. We, Mom and I, gave it water to drink, and I placed her, along with some bird feed and water, in a small dog carrier. I checked on her later that night. She had calmed down, and was moving around. Alas, she didn't make it through the night. I guess between her inhaling wood ashes, a lack of food and water, and stress, it was all too much. Things like that bum me out. Earlier attempts to determine what was making the racket did not reveal the duck. I still feel kinda bummed out for not really searching the stove earlier.
Strange goings-on in Prudhomme City.

The second suggestion comes via Alex. Thursday at noon he called me on his cell phone. This is an unusual occurrence. Alex and I are most definitely not that couple who talk on the phone three or more times a day. We rarely if ever connect via phone during the day. This is how you know we do not have children, i.e. no frantic phone calls for diapers, fevers, and "Do you know what your kid did now?!?" situations. But, as I am teetering on the edge of sanity this semester, he called me so that I could ramble incoherently while he murmured soothingly. (He is such a peach! I don't know how I ended up so lucky.)

Anyway, while we were on the phone, he was pulling into the gas station when he said, "Oh, crap! I've got a cop with his lights on behind me. I'll call you back." When he did call me back, he had received a moving violation for an illegal left turn. Now, he maintained that he had been taking a left turn there for the past eight years, so he asked the cop when they changed the intersection. The cop told him a year and a half ago
BUT the intersection had been under construction the day before, and after Alex got his ticket, the guy at the next pump was all, "You got a ticket for that? S**t, man, I've been taking that turn for the last ten years. When did they change that? Good thing I was coming from the other direction today!" (Oh yeah, we're so happy for you, buddy!) Then when he went into the station to pay, the clerk told him, "Hey, you need to be careful at that intersection. They just made it a no left turn, and I've been watching a cop give out tickets like crazy. He's given 23 tickets in the last two hours!" To which Alex replied, "Too f***ing late for the heads up for me, lady!" Not really. Zandy is a nice boy. He just told her he'd already been busted. Now, Alex has been driving that intersection for the past eight years, and he swore that one was always able to take a left there and was very suspicious about it being under construction the day before. When I was on the phone with him, he was pretty laissez faire about it but throughout the day, as he told his story to everyone at work (all frequenters of that intersection), they were all, "That is some bulls**t! That was always a left turn allowed lane!"

So by the time Alex got home he was all lathered up and screaming, "I been wronged by The Man!" and he decided that he might want to fight that ticket and went back to the intersection and took pictures indicating the contrasting turn instructions (old left turn good lane marker vs. new left turn bad sign). So he's been wandering around obssessed with stickin' it to The Man, and I am completely indifferent. Of course, I am not the one who has been wronged by The Man. So, yesterday, when he got back from taking his pictures and was feeling gloriously vindicated by his pictorial evidence, he was all, "You need to blog about that!" And because I love him and because he keeps me sane with free talk therapy, I am. Here are the pics he took:


And finally something about ME! ME! ME! (The way it should be if the world would just up and get with the program already.) Yesterday was the Krewe de Chew annual spring crawfish boil. Alex and I didn't go because I had to study for finals. (Damn you, UL! Damn you!) But since I have the most awesome daddy in the universe, he drove all the way to Lafayette and delivered a big ole Rubbermaid container filled to the brim with delectable crawfish, and in a move that truly shows how pathetic my life has become, I viewed the two and a half hour peeling marathon as a welcome respite from studying and school work. Now that it's all said and done, I have hands that still smell like crawfish (even though I've washed them thirty two times with salt and with soap) but much more importantly, I have a ginormous bowl o' Cajun happiness:

Ohhhhhhhhh, baby! I have my plans in place for turning some of these delicious critters into my all time favorite crawfish dish- crawfish pie! So I'll be celebrating the end of the semester on Thursday with a big a** crawfish pie and an accompanying big a** glass of wine. I can't wait!

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