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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Old and Crappy Camera Phone Pics

by CajunKate

So I didn't have time to take pics (studying for my last final! Yay!), but it doesn't matter because no amusing subjects presented themselves anyway. Therefore, you get these really old and funkily lit camera phone pics. Enjoy...if you can; they're really bad!

Crappy Camera Pic #1: I took this pic of Alex when we went down to NOLA last year around Easter for a romantical weekend (back when we still had fundage for such things). We stayed at the Hotel Montleone (very swanky and I got to order room service!) and ate at Commander's Palace (delish and high class). This pic was taken at Commander's. It's a terrible picture, but Alex looked so great, dressed up as he was. Sigh. That was great weekend. (Now I'm going to cry.)

Crappy Camera Pic #2: I forced Byron to pose for this pic at a Cajuns basketball game one night to document what I consider to be his woeful fashion sense. In fact, I am perpetually appalled by his complete lack of fashion sense. The boy does not have a clue and, worse than that, doesn't give a hoot! The kicker for me this night was the socks pulled all the way up. I hate this outfit as a whole, but the ridonkulous socks take it to a whole other level. He's way too handsome to be dressing like that! Gotta get that man on What Not to Wear. Needless to say, when confronted by me that night, he was all, "What?!? Everything's CLEAN!" Well, that is a positive, I suppose.

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