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Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Nerds and Lame People Celebrate Pic

by CajunKate

So last night I took my last final. It did not go well, but still... it marked the end of a hellish semester. I did my best to celebrate, but I'm old and withered, so I ate pizza and did online crossword puzzles. (NERD!) I'd like to let you believe that's a beer in the coozie, but uh...yeah, it's just a Diet Coke. (LAME!) You may also be wondering why I am eating pizza from a bowl. That would be because it was the only clean dish left in the house. (LAZY A** SLACKER!) The next few days will be dedicated to setting right all the wrongs produced by my complete and utter lack of house cleaning in the past few weeks (including washing dishes). Yeah, so if anyone has a Hazmat suit that I could borrow, that'd be great. That litter box is gonna be a doozie!

1 comment:

The Mayor said...

Why all the sack cloth, cord flagellating attitude? You deserve this moment of decadent, indulgent caloric maximi, and trivial pursuits? Get a grip!! We "readers" followed your semester trek, and rejoice in your return to that feeling called, FREEDOM!!!
Congratulations on a difficult, but successful semester. Order another pizza, but switch to vino for your drink of choice.