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Sunday, October 21, 2007

In the Words of CajunMan: De-jec-shon!

So last night SUCKED!!!! Please, someone, anyone, shoot me in my face so I don't have to watch the horror that is the 2007 UL football season anymore. I can't take it. Four more miserable weeks until I can once more be Linus Van Pelt in the pumpkin patch- "Just wait til next year, Charlie Brown!" I am living for those days of unbridled enthusiasm and naivete until the Cajuns rise again to screw the pooch and make me wanna kill myself in 2008. Between myself and Notre Dame fans, I don't know who is more anxious for the off-season. Not only did they lose in a most horrific fashion, but I consider the Cajuns and Coach Bustle personally responsible for me stuffing my face with gargantuan mounds of cracklins, mac-n-cheese, and pistachio chocolate cake... and if I hadn't been so depressed, I would never have hoovered up that etouffee either! Damn you, Cajuns, and your cellulite inducing play! *bleah* Until the last 1:06 of the game, the Prudommians and significant others did have a good time. Here's proof. Oh, and here's another quotable quote for you from a Ted and Molly offspring. Max: "I'm wild with enthusiasm!" Yeah, he's eight. Hi-lar-i-ous!

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cajuncharlie said...

Yes, us Coonies are all suffering from de-jec-shon! Could be worse, I guess, if there was no Krewe de Chew that allows us to eat, drink, and merrily erase our woes.
If the sun doesn't rise in the East or set in the West we may have bigger woes to worry about.