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Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Ramblings

So just some random thoughts that went through my pickled brain today.

  • Dear TCBY guy at the gym: I do not know you at all. I identify you strictly by the TCBY t-shirts you wear every day to lift weights. That's why you're TCBY guy and not like, you know, Hayden or Hunter or whatever your real name is. And I'm silently passing judgement on you. I hated it when you cut off all your hair, and I am very happy that you've decided to go back to the mop-top look. Bravo on that! I heartily approve. Also, I really love your fat-free strawberry frozen yogurt, and if you hadn't closed your store on Arnaud Boulevard, I would totally buy it all the time, but now you only have that one location way out on Kaliste Saloom Road and, even though it is really good, it's not worth driving all the way over there. Sorry.
  • One of the best things about working out at the LGMC Wellness Center is the fact that I am considered a goddess there. You see, the majority of the people there are cardiac rehab patients, a.k.a. old men. The fact that I can walk six miles on the treadmill at four miles per hour is astounding to them. Today, one of them told me that I was his hero. I had to smile as he creaked away, dragging his oxygen tank behind him. Hey, I'll take my ego strokes any way I can get them.
  • Who knew that ESPN was covering the Scrabble tournament today? Even more intriguing, Scrabble is considered a sport? That's my kind of athletic endeavor- I can drink beer and kick some a**. Awesome.
  • I haven't decided who deserves my vote in the upcoming presidential election. I am leaning toward Dennis Kucinich. Not because I agree with his platform but because he is a highly unattractive man married to a really hot chick. Anyone as homely as he is, who can score a wife like that, has some serious mojo. We need that in the White House. Also, I know I am not voting for Mitt Romney. I'm sorry, and I know this is wrong, wrong, wrong, but I just can't vote for a Mormon. I know, I know! I'm a bad person, but...they're just weird, okay? The whole golden plates, three kingdoms of heaven, baptizing dead Jews thing, it just turns me off. So, sorry, Mitt. I do like the LDS commercials, though. You all seem very happy in a weird, creepy way. Also, even though I am not voting for you, could you please tell those guys on bikes to stop coming to my house? Thanks.
  • I heard a really cool acoustic version of "Buddy Holly" by Weezer today. I liked it a lot.
  • The California wildfires seemed to have brought out the best in FEMA. And then they did this. I have no words. Okay, actually I do...monumental stupidity.
  • It's really neat and only slightly annoying that I can vaguely hear Lafayette High's P.A. announcers for the football games at my house on Friday nights. But the drum cadences come through loud and clear. Geaux L.H.S. drum corps!
Happy weekend to all my fav peeps!

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