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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Must Be All Those Hormones

by CajunKate

So there are only two chicks in our NCAA bracket tourney. One (ME!) is sharing first place tonight, and one (Sista!) is in last place...with a 100% chance of finishing in last place. Blame it on that baby, girl, blame it on that baby! All them hormones messin' with ya. We'll just forget the fact that BDaigle twisted your arm to complete a bracket form, and you blindly chose the teams in a fit of rage. I still love you. Ain't no shame in your game. Keep ya head up, Sista!

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BDaigle said...

Sista says, "It has nothing to do with those hormones or the niece/nephew that you will never see.;) It was just my desire to try to win that cold hard cash to shop till I drop! I'm sure my feet will get swollen *sniff* *sniff* and I will need all new shoes. I know who to come to for the cash if you win!"