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Friday, March 7, 2008

Mish Mashy Mish Mash

by CajunKate

So, I haven't posted anything in almost three weeks. I've discovered, in the time between, that there's a weird phenomenon that takes place when I don't write any blog posts. I am transported back to the anxiety I had when I began this blog last fall. I thought then that any writing I did would be boring and pretty useless, but I wanted a way to keep track of family stuff and let people in on what's going on so that...well, so that basically I wouldn't have to use the phone as much, I guess. But, luckily, my family knows that I am, essentially, a selfish and vapid person, and they still love me. Back then, I didn't think about anyone other than family reading my posts. Silly me, as it turns out a number of non-family people actually emailed me to tell me that they were indeed reading them and, more astoundingly, finding them vaguely amusing. And as I posted more and more, I got more and more comfortable and, as you may have noticed, more and more long-winded. A sure sign of comfort...which brings us to now. With the overwhelming school schedule, I hadn't had time to post anything. Then the longer I went without posting, the more I thought that any ideas I had for a post were stupid and boring, so I did what I always do when confronted with things that bring me anxiety, I procrastinated. This is an inherently faulty coping skill of mine. You see, the more I procrastinate, the more worried I get and that leads to more procrastinating. You can see where this is going. It's a big ol' vicious cycle that inevitably ends with me having to give myself a mental smackdown in a drill sergeant from
Full Metal Jacket manner during which I berate and sneer at myself. This usually goes down with something like this flying around in my cranium- You f***ing wuss! Get off your a** and just do what needs to be done! F***ing moron who doesn't realize you're just making things worse! Which brings us to today wherein I will throw out all three weeks' worth of ideas that I've had for blog posts in a complete, disorganized mess. Huzzah! Off we go.

Driving through Lafayette at the end of February on a bright, sunny day when the temperature was just delightfully mild and spring-like, seeing all the azaleas and camellias in bloom got me thinking that maybe this time of year is wasted on Louisianians. I don't think we give those kind of days the proper appreciation they so richly deserve. The general mention of weather on such days around here is,
Wow. It's a really nice day. I really don't think that happens to the Yankees. By the time spring actually arrives for them, I imagine they all go into a Disney-like happiness spiral. They run out into the world ripping off their parkas and thermal insulated underwear as they go, dropping to their knees to kiss the little flower buds, and screaming out to everyone they meet, Look! The sun! Look! You can see my legs! I put on a pair of shorts because the temperature rose above fifty degrees! God bless you, every one! Here in Acadiana, we think Why did I even bother to get those sweaters dry cleaned. I only got to wear them once. Ah, f**k, it's seventy degrees in February. That means I'll be sweating my a** off sometime soon. Six months or more of buckets of perspiration before I get delusional again in October and send the sweaters back to the dry cleaner. I f**king hate summer. This is why in the month of January we all need to trade places with those residing in Wisconsin. This would ensure that we are properly appreciative of our early and lovely spring days, no matter the fact that we only get approximately ten of them before we have to endure the next half of the year steeping in a humidity stew. There you have it. My own little theory. Fun!

But wait! I had more fun during the procrastinating interim than just coming up with unfounded theories. Such as when I found out that Ralph Nader had entered the presidential race, saw this on the internet, and laughed hysterically. That was fun.

Also, I saw this, and it made me laugh hysterically. That was fun, too. (Click pic to enlarge.)

Then there's this, which inspired me to laugh
and think about my dad. Happiness two-fer. That was even more fun. (Click pic to enlarge.)

Also, my love of Barack Obama has been cemented now that
he does such awesome things for me every day. Fun, right? (Oh, here's the story on that site in case you are wondering about how such a thing came to be.)

Need more fun? Why not give someone the finger today? You know you want to.

And, finally, here's proof that I did actually have some non-internet related fun on a furlough from jail...I mean, school. Alex and I went to the Cajundome to see the Cajuns take on Denver. It was a "white out," and they were giving out free t-shirts. Alex made the mistake of not getting one, which prompted me to go all crazy Southern wife on him in the lobby, yelling
Whaaaat? Go get your t-shirt! We don't pass up free s**t! like maybe I was raised during the Great Depression or something. But, in the end, it was all Cajun basketball, the 'rents, and mmmm, beer! Now that's fun!

Dad's happy smile= Cajuns win

Mmmmm, MY beer!

Dad and Alex

Almost final score

Cajuns huddle to celebrate as co-champs of the Sunbelt Western Division

But I'm not the only one who's been having fun. What do you do when you're a president and one of the most hated men in the world, and it suddenly strikes you, as you wait for the Republican nominee, that your time in a world of s**t is soon to be over? You freaking dance, man! That's what you do!

Enjoyed that mess of a post? No? Well, look at it this way. With any luck, you've got a good three weeks to get over it before the next one comes along. Keep on, keepin' on, my peeps!

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