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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Operation Iraqi Freedom!...?

by Cajun Kate

So can you believe it? It's been five years since Sadaam Hussein and his WMDs forced us to commence shock and awe. It was all good though since in May of the same year, W told us it was "Mission accomplished!" from the decks of U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, and all the troops came home. Wait. I think I got part of that wrong. Oh, that's right! There were never any WMDs, and we're still over there, only now our mission is to f**k us up some Al-Queda in Iraq. They're apparently a lot easier to find than WMDs, mostly because it seems we may have actually invited them in when we invaded. Now, according to recent polls, about two-thirds of the country is opposed to our ongoing occupation of Iraq. But the administration is totally taking public sentiment into account. You can tell because when a reporter brought up that whole "more than half the country hates this war" thing to Dick Cheney on Good Morning America this morning, he replied, "So?" Wait. Dammit! Wrong again. It's okay though 'cause we're all going out to protest today to force the will of the people on W and Dick and the rest of those peeps up in D.C. Oh, not me, mind you. I myself have no mass demonstration plans today, but it's only because my agenda today is chock full of contemplating. Yeah, I've got to contemplate my economic future. What with the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the Bear Stearns bail out and all, I'm just really tied up with considering whether to take all of my money out of any long-term stock market investments in my portfolio (that would be all of them) and invest them instead in a Folgers coffee can buried in the backyard. You can see where all this brain work would seriously cut into any placard carrying and invective hurling in which I might have liked to engage. Ah well, c'est la vie. There's always next year.

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cajuncharlie said...

I went to the site you high lighted and read Cheney's remarks. Here is a man(?) who weaseled his way out of serving Vietnam, along with his boss,George W. Compounding our problem are politicians at the national level who prostitute themselves by accepting money from lobbyist.
I say that we put red lights above the White House, Cheney's residence, the Senate, and House of Reps. It is time to identify the whores. I might include our wonderful LA. state government in this identification process.

The Mayor