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Friday, December 21, 2007

Random Friday Ramblings

  • If you have plans to go out and about on the streets of Lafayette, my suggestion is DON'T! The final mad dash to complete the Christmas shopping has begun, and it's a nightmare out there, peeps!.
  • Speaking of Christmas shopping, I went out with a friend to accompany her search for gifts and to pick up my two final gifts, and it was a horrible experience. While I feel badly that I jinxed my friend, I am also a bit relieved that apparently things are back to normal with no extreme ill effects.
  • Today at my gym, the cute little guy that works the desk and takes the old people's blood pressure and makes sure nobody keels over told me he was proud of me for showing up to work out during the holidays. If that kid knew the amount of holiday trash I was stuffing into my face on a daily basis, he'd realize there's really no choice for me... unless Alex suddenly decides mammoth thighs and double-chins are really hot.
  • With regard to Alex and me and Christmas, we're skipping the whole gift exchange this year. We decided, in an attempt to save money, that we'd forgo it, and I must say, it's friggin' AWESOME! No frantic shopping for Alex who, and everyone who knows him will testify to this, is the hardest person to buy for in the history of the modern world.
  • Since we're not doing the gift thing, I went one step further and um...yeah, I guess I pretty much cancelled it all. If there're no gifts, then why the hell would we need a tree? If we don't have a tree, then why would I put out all kinds of Christmas decorations? You see my train of thought here, right? And I have to say, much like no gift-giving, it's friggin' AWESOME! That s**t is a lot of work, you know? I deserve a year off. That's my gift to myself.
  • After I went to the gym, I stopped by a nearby grocery store named Champagne's. Champagne's clientele is very similar to my gym- lots of old people with time and money on their hands. But that's neither here nor there, the guy I want to talk about was 50ish and was walking around at two o'clock in the afternoon with a big fat unlit cigar hanging out of his mouth. WTF? Who does that? In my mind, I saw a big blinking sign with a red arrow over his head that read "I am a giant douchebag." But that's just me.
  • On the radio today, I heard a cover of the John Lennon song "Happy Christmas (War is Over)." I don't understand why people feel the need to mess with perfection. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but when it comes to Lennon songs and covers of them...well, my message is Just say no!
  • I missed the first college bowl game of the season last night. I'm so disappointed in myself. I will not miss the R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl tonight, though. That's the bowl with which UL's conference, the Sunbelt, is associated. At the beginning of the season, I thought I'd be there watching the Cajuns kick some CUSA *ss as the Sunbelt champion. So much for that little dream.
That's pretty much it, my fave peeps. If you're all caught up in the holiday season and don't have a chance to come by during the next week or so, I'll take this chance to wish all of you a happy and joyous Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Think of me when you're gnawing on that turkey leg and downing a highball. I'll be with you in spirit!

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