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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Celebrate! Good times! C'mon!

So yesterday I traveled with Molly and the tribe to Baton Rouge to help Noah celebrate his sixth birthday at Celebration Station. The day began with a fog as thick as pea soup and continued on to yield temperatures in the eighties and upwards of ninety percent humidity. Ah, December in Louisiana. I think this face pretty much sums it all up weather-wise.
Sing along! It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...if I lived in the jungles of Africa. Can you tell I'm not a fan of this climate? I'd trade places with a person trapped in a snowbank right now. At least I'd freeze to death thinking, Now this is Christmas weather!

Where was I? Oh yes, yes- Noah's party. Molly had asked me to come along to help serve as kid wrangler since Ted had to work, and since I do love spending time with my nephews and nieces, even if it means braving Celebration Station, I signed on. This place is kids' paradise and a black hole for parents' money. As a childess (and not desperately seeking one) person, I have my own take on kids' birthday parties. They usually start out all puppy dogs and rainbows but inevitably lead to hysterical meltdowns by at least one, if not more, of the kiddie participants, which can lead to eruptions by parents and, before you know it, the whole thing has morphed into an ugly scene caused by spiking sugar levels and lack of naps. Not a pretty sight. But it is one I can sit through with a great measure of comfort knowing that, while I may have to witness the transformation from sweetie pie to demon spawn, I will not have to go home with Satan's new minion and perform the exorcism. But, I have to say, Noah's party went really well. Only a few minor dust-ups. Certainly nothing for the record books. They all had a great time. Oh, and the Parent/Uncle of the Day Award goes to Charlie Roy, who drove not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE little boys on rounds of the go-cart track at five minutes per ride. And he was still completely sane afterward. That's impressive. Here's one of my infamous photo essays for ya. * Cue diabolical laughter* Enjoy!

The birthday boy! Ugh, he's so cute I can't even stand it. That combination of freckles and blue eyes is irresistible, no?

Noah's cake of choice was chocolate with white icing sporting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme.

Makin' a wish!

Don't you think the faces are a dead give away of the soul-sucking attributes of video games? Me, too!

Max tearin' up Star Wars.

Mary Grace and her moms enjoying the party.

The birthday boy got the first ride of the day.
(This was the beginning of Chuck's torture.)

Charlie and Sam racing around the track. I think this was round four. Notice driver's face. Is it possible he's still having fun?!?

So, all in all, a great day. And, one small request from my fave peeps, if I may be so bold? Begin the novenas for a Christmas Day sans shorts and tank tops NOW! Thanks so much!


Todd said...

I love your blogs. Benny's birthday is this Sunday and I'll face everything you wrote about.By the way I'm off to a soccer game Saturday and the weather forecast says 34 degrees and a 60% chance of rain/snow... Wanna come ??

CajunKate said...

Todd- Happy birthday to Benny! But I'm glad I don't have to go to the b'day party. :) And, YES, I so want to go to the game! Actually, a cold front is rolling through LA right now, so we'll get a little relief from the 80 degree temps for at least a few days. You know LA- it certainly won't last.

Aimee said...

Don't think for one minute the man was not having a blast..."äwwww mean I have to get a day pass so I can ride the go-cart over and over???" Well...knowing my hubby and his affection for the law, this is about as close as he will get to racing anything!

Thanks for coming and enduring the heat...uggggggg!!! But you are right...over-all it was a smooth day! Thank I get older LOW STRESS is the key!

Love ya,

CajunKate said...

Aims- Aw, I had such a good time. And I must say some of those pics of your boy are just the cutest ever! I've already added them to my electronic photo frame.