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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas at the Manse

So I think I can safely say that the Daigles had a joyous and festive Christmas in Prudhomme City hosted by the handsome mayor and lovely first lady. You know what's comin'- photo essay! Yeeessss! (All pics courtesy of the mayor.)

Isn't it loverly?

Norman Rockwell-esque, ain't it?

Oh, tannenbaum! Oh, tannenbaum! Decorated by the mayor and Byron... yeah, chew on that one for the next few minutes.

Sammy with his second favorite gift. I think I created a monster by giving him his favorite present- an LSU hat. He's the lone Tiger fan in the Daigle clan. Traitorous at such a young sad, really. Of course, there are no pics of him in the Tigger hat...or are there? See, that's the beauty of this blog. I don't gotta do nothin' I don't wannna do, including publishing portraits of loved ones in purple and gold.

Our very own elves- Emily and Max

Let the consumerist greed begin! (What? Cynical? Me?)

Ride 'em, cowgirl! Mom and Dad got this gift for Mary Grace, but it was hijacked almost immediately by the boys.

Awww, yeah! Like auntie, like nephew. Max overate and wasn't feeling so swell.

Do my eyes deceive me, or has a certain son-in-law dared to recline in the mayor's throne? He claims Dad walked in and didn't even kick him out of the chair. He also claims that this is concrete evidence of his status as favorite son-in-law. I call it Christmas benevolence on the mayor's part.

Charlie and Aimee gave all the boys coonskin caps or, as one of them exclaimed upon opening, "Look, guys! Fake hair!" No one took advantage of the moment to break the news that they may want to hold onto that fake hair as they'll probably be needing it fairly soon. Need proof?

Yes, we passed a good time out in Prudhomme City. Fake hair, traitorous nephew, and all. Hope all of you, my fave peeps, had a super time with your loved ones. Now, you do realize that we have mere days left to stuff our faces before the New Year's guilt sets in, don't you? Well, hop to it and finish up those candy canes!

1 comment:

Burt said...

Ahem...two corrections and a suggestion.

Corrections first. (and yes I expect a published rectraction in the next issue missy!) Aimee and C-Roy gave Ted's little man clan the coon skin caps. And Melissa says, her nickname is spelled Sista, not Sistah. I think this is kind of like how white and black people in NOLA call their aunts, ON-Tee, but swear it's different. *shrug* (You don't have to file a retraction on that)

Suggestion second. As haughty and hoity-toity as "the manse" sounds, Byron and I have been calling the mayor and first lady's digs, "Daigle Manor" since '94. Merely a suggestion, but don't blame me if you never get invited to see Byron's house. Just saying....

We love da Chronicle and devour every new issue. Love ya JB.