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Monday, January 19, 2009

Eating Healthy? Eh, Not So Much.

by CajunKate

So much for that whole "eating right in the new year" thingy I had proposed to myself. This weekend, Alex and I went on a date. We ate at Zea's, one of our top five restaurants in Lafayette. Yeah, it's a chain, but it is one of the best chains ever, ever, ever. Every day, Zea has a meat of the day, and on Saturdays the meat is slow-roasted veal. It is heaven on a plate. The fact that it is baby cow heaven on a plate always gives me pause, but it is just so darn delicious that I can never bring myself not to order it. And so I feasted on roasted garlic hummus and the roasted veal with sides of sweet potatoes and Zea's famous roasted corn grits, which I washed down with two glasses of un-roasted Merlot. ( Then we went to see Grand Torino, which almost made me give up my lunch. Folks, wait for the Red Box DVD rental for a buck on this one. Trust.)

One would think after Saturday's gorge fest, I would have chilled on Sunday....and one would be wrong. But I blame Sunday's dietary mishaps on Burt and Melissa because if they had never given us a gift certificate to Don's Specialty Meats then I would never have felt compelled to spend it on this:

That, my friends, is a pork steak dinner. The star of this plate lunch is the gigantic, perfectly seasoned, incredibly tender pork steak. Buried under it are coleslaw, peas, rice dressing and a roll. Not pictured are the ten pounds of cellulite it added to my thighs. On the bright side, I ate the vegetables. That counts as healthy. You may quibble that cabbage slathered in mayo and peas smothered in butter do not count as vegetables. To which I say, "Take your f***ing logic and hit the bricks!"


Laureneer said...

Mmmmmmmmmm. Pork and butter.....

No wonder we get along so well!

The Mayor/Poppa Smurf said...

Most of the dietary Gurus advise that occassional splurging contributes to a successful weight loss regimen (I haven't yet figured that one out, but I don't argue with "experts"). However, I do believe that two "slams" in a row would be a No-No!!!

On the bright side, Lent is just around the corner. You can correct your food sins during the time of penance and conscious flagellation.

Then again you may ask,"who are you to preach to me about food fixation?" :>)))

The Mayor/Poppa Smurf

BDaigle said...

We're happy we could get '09 off to a great start for ya Kable. ;)