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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogging 2009: The Problem

by CajunKate

So, I haven't been posting anything. I know, I know. Here's the problem. Too much happened at the end of 2008. It was all a big blur, and every time I sat down to write a post about it, I couldn't get anything straight in my head. Then I posted my pics to Flickr and started posting more to Tumblr (because it soothes the ADHD in me), and I was all "Whatever! That's good enough!" It was the best end to a year ever, and yet I can't seem to blog a single thing about it. I will sum it all up in one sentence: I adored spending time with my immediate family and my extended family, and some of us need to move so that we see each other more often so that I am not left with the unsettling feeling of missing people so much that I want to sponataneously burst into tears at odd moments.

That's the end of 2008.

Which brings us to 2009. During the first eight days, I have blogged absolutely
NOTHING. Reason? I am now doing an internship. This internship involves me getting up at 6:00 AM every day, trying to stuff my fat a** into clothes which no longer fit (Thanks, Holidays 2008!), putting on uncomfortable shoes, and going to a school for eight hours a day. I might add that I also have to put on makeup, and I don't get paid. All of this turns me into a crabby bitch, BUT that is not the reason I have not been posting. The reason involves the word school. I can't write about anything I do there because I am deathly afraid that someone will find this blog and sue me from here to kingdom come. The fact that I am now spending the majority of my days at a place accumulating experiences that are soooooooooooooo f**king bloggable, but can't BE blogged has also turned me into a cranky bitch. So what to blog about besides that? Here's all I got:

  • When I called Jen in Ohio to wish her a happy birthday on January 6 (Happy birthday, Jen!), I got to speak to Colin. He said that he misses me and that I should come to his house tomorrow, and asked was I with Uncle Bydee and was I at Ma-Mere's house, and oh yeah, come to his house tomorrow, okay? I also got to speak to Quinn who said he misses me and he loves me and oh wait, Transformers is on so bye-bye, Nanny Kate. Total cute deliciousness!
  • I saw Tropic Thunder, and I hated it. Thank God we only spent a dollar renting it from Red Box at Albertson's.
  • I haven't worked out in two weeks, and I feel like crap. Yet at the end of the day, I am too tired to make myself go work out because I feel like crap. I am thinking maybe some meth to get me back on track. (Kidding! Totally kidding! Probably.)
  • My only New Years resolution is to have more sex. Unsurprisingly, Alex is totally on board with this resolution. Need more TMI? It is going well.
  • And finally--no matter what, I promise to find s**t to blog about. Even if it is boring stuff like this. Poor you.
The end.

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Sarah R said...

one of my close friends works in the Special Ed complaints department of the Texas Education Agency. She always changes the names and school districts, but still tells the stories.. Some are too good ot keep to yourself!