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Monday, February 16, 2009

Remember THIS Guy???

By BDaigle

Back at the beginning of January, I went to see the Cajuns play UNO at the Lakefront Arena. It caused me to reminisce. I have bad memories of the Cajuns playing UNO in basketball when I was a kid. UNO always brought a ton of fans to games at the Cajundome and they were obnoxious. When we would go to see the Cajuns play at the Arena, it was dark & smelly and there were a lot more of those obnoxious fans. The worst part though was their coach. Tim Floyd. Tim Floyd spent most of every game coaching from the free throw line in front of his bench and never getting called for it. He stomped his feet. He yelled at the refs. He taunted the fans. He was OBNOXIOUS. He was a poor man's Bob Knight without any of the class.

Anyways, Tim finally got a college job again a few years ago after bombing as an NBA head coach. He's still the same old Timmy. For those of you who know Cajuns fans who suffered through the Floyd years, this is sure to bring a pained smile to your face.

Tim Floyd Gets Ejected.

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